Service Panel Question 2-28-20

Did an inspection on a 1977 SFH in Jupiter FL this morning. Panel has several issues, including double tapped 20 amp Breaker and what looks to be an overheated Conductor on a 30 amp Breaker. My question is about the 60 amp Breaker…can anyone explain what is going on with its configuration? Its not something I have seen before.
Thanks in advance

That is a split buss panel. The 60 you are asking about feeds the bottom half of the panel.
Also, an FPE stab lock panel.


Thanks David, I’m sorry, I didn’t ask the right question, I understand the the split buss part, I meant, does the connection to the bar look correct?
Thanks again

Yeah, that looks like the factory connection.

Thank You David

That one wire does look like it overheated, and the green visible near the lug indicates there is corrosion on that connection. Likely the reason for the overheat.

Plus, the white wire above it should have markings on the wire (usually a band of electrical tape) to indicate it is intended to be a hot lead and not a neutral.

Yes, Matt, it is a split buss panel board done by the factory…for sure. :smile:

That was installed when people knew what they were looking at and did not think it was a neutral.

Being a split bus panel is the least of the worries here. Whole panel needs to be replaced.

This bulge in this conductor happens when an impatient person turns the unit off too fast and the flow of electricity gets bottle necked and backed up. It will smooth out if the operator relaxes in their forceful movements. :rofl: :joy: :roll_eyes: :flushed:

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Why do you say that?

Hi Chris,

I think Dmorris is recommending replacement because it’s a Federal Pacific panel.

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Stab lock panel with signs of previous overheating.

LoL that’s great

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