Inexperienced young roofer

Been busy, so researched and contacted many roofing companies, so we could get our shingles replaced.

We found a young company, asked for references, checked them out, talked with clients and decided to try him.

Yesterday after roofer left for the day, went u to look at progress,
What a disaster, we told him not to come back the next day.

The next day it rained, we arrived at home to find roofer covering holes in roof with ice and water membrane, applying it to on top of the new and old shingles.
We asked him to leave our property, he refused, we phoned the police to have him removed once he started uddering threats.

So now I will have to document and have a third party verify, and take it to the lawyer, so that I can get a new roofer to, redo the roof, restructure, and re shingle, etc. should be interesting to c how long this will take to accomplish.

Wish me luck:)

Got pics? What was the original disaster that forced you to kick him off the job?


here are some pics, and why we asked him to leave.
the first pic, is how he left the ridge on the house over night.
second how the vent pipe was left over night,
third that is a brand new shingle
fourth wrong size nail used, soffit riddled with nails.
fifth Rhino Paper used, missed every circle that was supposed to be nailed.

four vents were to be installed on east side away from street, original 2 vents were put back, due to Rhino paper being used the area of our roof required four vents. these were not installed.