Electrical Panel service wires Not in Conduit

Feeder wires for a pool electrical panel not in conduit. The service wires come out of the main panel from the garage and go out the wall and underneath the deck to the panel. Should the Feeder wires be in conduit ?

First, those are not service wires. They are a feeder.

The conduit should be a complete system between boxes or panels using electrical conduit, not plumbing pipe and fitting. Depending on cable type it may not even be listed for use inside the house.

The hole in the joist is drilled in the wrong location and has reduced the strength of the joists.


OK Got It Thanks

I agree with Jim. That is some pretty shoddy, not code complaint looking work so one could only imagine what else is wrong with this installation.


I agree with Jim and Rob…

Looks like handyhack struck again, & if those conductors are URD, they are not permitted in a structure, because the insulation is not fire retardant.