Just a quick thank you to all members and staff

Got my award for Member of the year and an additional award from my Chapter .Will post pictures tomorrow.

Condo Bob

Go here…https://www.nachi.org/forum/f11/feel-blessed-international-association-certified-home-inspectors-109178/

What? No video? :wink:

Congratulations Bob, job well done!!


Ah… ya beat me to it Stephen. :wink:

Just turned in my first real video report today and Client loved it.

Actually Ed Bauman video taped the ceremony.

Just posted this already but client emailed my during the award presentation in regard to my first 30 video report 3 sec segments }

Good Karma all around .
I shalt proceed into the future.

Good for you Bob.

Nice job!

Was there anything in writing or just Video?

What will you do if you have a vision impaired client?

What do you do ?
I assume you are not emailing brail PDF reports.

Do blind people see text and pictures but not video ?
Never knew that but thanks for teaching me.

Go Here…https://www.nachi.org/forum/f11/feel-blessed-international-association-certified-home-inspectors-109178/

I am using video in place of pictures in a 3 second format.
Living pictures embedded into the PDF report that have no load time and do not require a web connection.

Only HIP has that feature.

Bob, that’s awesome, you deserve it boss… Congrats !!!


Thanks Jim.