Fernco fittings and band clamps

i have an issue with a past client regarding a leak that popped up with a band clamp on a drain line. the original galvanized line was cut 6 inches above the floor and a band clamp used to bridge it to PVC.

another “issue” in her house (after the plumber showed up) was a Fernco fitting on a new 1/2 bath toilet line. considering these are both generally accepted means of repair, how do you guys write these up? fernco’s need to be burried, but im sure we all see dozens of them around in service. some of which ive seen with local jurisdiction inspection stickers on them ok-ing the work. same with some band clamps on older plumbing repairs.



These ''banded" rigid ferncos are accepted in Ohio. The other’s with 2 hose clamps on both ends are not. At least, when I did plumbing these were acceptable.