Fetchreport Needs Rejected Email Notification

Fetchreport Needs Rejected Email Notification

When clients do not get their report because of a an email
rejection, then we have no way of knowing it, until the client
calls us later and are already upset because of the delay.

This has happened to me many times and it would a nice
function to have added to fetchreport.

I have to agree, I love the system as do my clients until they don’t recieve teh email and have to call to find thier report.

I’ll definitely take a look at this. The way the e-mails are sent out is meant to prevent them from looking like spam (the from address is @fetchreport.com so that spam checkers that check the origin IP address against the from domain get a match) but that has the side effect of meaning that you don’t get the bounce e-mails. It might take a few days but I should be able to sort this out.

OK, that’s added. Now you should get any bounced e-mails resulting from a FetchReport.com message.


I sent out a report to a bogus email a couple hours ago and have
not had any response that it bounced. I will let you know more later.

Thanks Chris!


I sent a report to a bad email address and never got any notification of a bounce.
It has been about 15 hours.


I’ll take another look. Most mail servers should send bounces to the Return-Path, but maybe some non-standard servers don’t follow the rules. Can you e-mail me and let me know what bogus address you tried sending to?


John sent it to fatarrogantpig@msn.com thinking it was a bogus address. It’s actually mine. :wink:

LOL… your a trip…:slight_smile:

OK… Chris…
I sent you an email.


I was wondering if it was possible to have access to the system assigned password for the reports, so we can view them when logged in to the uploaders account etc. I have had several clients not recieve the email and no bounce notice, so i assume it was sent to a spam folder. Would be nice if we could look up the password and send it along from a different email address etc. Love the sytem thank you for your hard work!