FetchReport Feedback

Hey everyone,

We’re looking into doing a major refresh of FetchReport, and I’d like to get some feedback. Please answer the poll (above) and provide any other feedback you have in replies.


  1. Would like to see the password that is sent to the email recipients.
  2. Would like notification if the email does not go thru. Some clients say they did not get it.

Otherwise, like it and use it all the time.

Both of Gregs ideas plus email notification every time the report is viewed or downloaded.
Or at least able to view in Fetchreport date and time of each view.

I would like option to:

  1. Put in the agents email in then track how many time they download or the ability to see emails from all that download a copy.
  2. Ability to generate client password and send it to the client.
  3. Have a “move in certified” like report download button to put on my website.

I use only occasionally… but think the service is a fantastic idea. I need to use the agreement and upload system more than the few times a year I use it now.

I used it for awhile Chris but as I stated to you in several emails, it was way too slow for some reason. I stopped using it because of that. I would start using it again if the suggestions given here were added. Would like to also see a mobile version where I could check report stats on a mobile device as well. But for me the clincher was definitely speed or lack of.