FHA 203-K Mortgage Inspections

Does anyone know what one needs to do to become approved as an FHA 203-K mortgage inspector?

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Hey Kevin…try reading this thread. I think there are others, but this is the first one I saw.

Hi Patrick,

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I read the referenced thread before I made my post. I’m an FHA certified inspector, which by the way I found out after paying to attend the training and become certified as an FHA inspector is basically any home inspector.

However, to be an eligible 203-K inspector, it’s a different game. I’ll call the company where I received my training and ask them, they should know exactly what is required, etc.

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Before you proceed further read the handbooks, if you haven’t already, and contact your local or regional office. They can put you on the path to approval.


Let me know what you come up with. I would be interested to know.