FHA/HUD "certified"

Plan on marketing mortage and banks this year and wondered if it is possible to become “certified” to do FHA or HUD inspections ( in Michigan ) Anyone have any sites or threads in regards? Thanks!

I have the same question. What would we have to do that would be different than a standard inspection?

You can go to www.hud.gov

the FHA 203B program is described in HUD book 4150-2 (old book 4150.1 is also good)

The FHE 203K Program for Rehabilitation Loans is the 4145.1 and 2 book plus the supplements- they should all be able to be downloaded off the internet or you can order them and they will snail mail it to you at no charge-

There are also multiple 203K Rehab courses available- In NY we offer a 5 hour course for those interested in learning more about the program-

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for 203k transactions


for 203b transaction

Currently there are no schools that can certify an inspector for HUD/FHA except for HUD. There are certain mortgagee letters that have been released that allows a home inspector to do certain certifications. I have noticed a few people advertising their school on this board. All I have to say about that is “Buyer Beware”. These HUD/FHA classes are a great place to find ways to market to HUD/FHA and other government entities, but in no way is it a certification. Been There Done That. Found out the hard way but passing this FREE valuable information on to the rest of the un-imformed NACHI folks.

Thats my 2cents

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Great Posting- No School has the authority to Certify Inspectors to be HUD Certified. Only The US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development has that authority. The same is true with the VA-Veterans Administration.- In New York State, schools are approved to offer courses for one to enter the field of Home Inspection. The same is true with Real Estate Brokerage and Real Estate Appraisal.

www.hud.gov gives you a vast amount of information to assist those who wish to do work with HUD - getting the 4150.2 and 4145.1 and 2 books should give you all the information you need to get you started on the road to consider working with HUD properties.

Much Luck NACHI members