FHA Loan Inspector


I have spent the last few days marketing to loan officers at local banks. One banker let me know she specializes in 203k and FHA loans which have specific inspector requirements. I am aware of the requirements for 203k loans.

Does anyone know of the specific training/reporting requirements to inspect (draw inspections) on FHA loans?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

John Taylor
Absolute Perfection Home Inspection LLC

You need to be a fee panel inspector to do these inspections.

I am a 203K loan inspector. I have done a few hundred work write ups.
You will need to know how to estimate costs. You inspect but its different than a home inspection in many ways.
A home inspector knows how to inspect, a 203K consultant inspects, writes down the health and safety issues including cost to cure and does an estimate for desired items.

All this is included in a report which has 35 line items, not all items come up on every job.