FHA and VA appraiser/Inspectors

Is anyone running up against a VA or FHA appraiser/inspector going into a home you inspected (or not inspected) and flagging stuff as a defect, stopping the closing? Seems they call out defects without any factual testing to back up their defects. Example: Flagging a receptacle needing to be GFCI without Testing it to find out that it is protected, being energized upstream from a GFCI receptacle. Example 2: Calling a small exterior step crack a foundation defect without inspecting the same area in the crawlspace (showing no foundation cracks or issues). Example 3: Calling for a house to be mitigated for mold from a couple spots noticed (in a vacant home all closed up with no conditioned air running) with no moisture test or mold test, no testing equipment. I am generating new business from mortgage lenders that need me to inspect and write a letter of condition for an item their FHA or VA appraiser flagged, stopping the mortgage process. So far, in every case except one, the FHA/VA person was wrong, and testing instruments such as moisture meters, or GFCI/AFCI testers were not used. This poses another question…In the states I inspect in, WV and OH I am required to be licensed. Are these FHA and VA appraisers licensed inspectors? If they aren’t, how can their “inspection” of any property be valid to the bank?

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Good questions. Do not know the answers, but would be interested in learning.

Because they are not performing “home inspections”.

Their appraisal protocol has a safety component built-in, and they can look for or answer those issues (even if it turns out to be less than accurate).

And remember, the lender can look at almost anything they deem important, and call for further review, to protect their financial interest.

all the time

Had one idiot tell the lender that I missed mildew in the window track??? (Was a window behind a bed, it was vacant and accessible when he was there…) And dirty tracks are very common and not a big deal anyway… Then he told the lender that the heat did not work and asked who I was, that I was a horrible inspector. Long story short, I tested the heat and it worked. It was on a 5 minute delay, dude wasted the buyers money with a hvac service fee…

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