FHA Inspection?

I had a realtor ask me if I do FHA inspections. Is there a difference?
Another person called me today and asked if I do FPtig (sp?) inspections. I have no idea what she was talking about, something to do with sewer lines she said.

FHA “inspections” are done by the appraiser, not the home inspector. I have no idea what the other thing is.

Thanks Jeff.

That depends entirely on the type of inspection requested. I cant remember it off hand but I think its Mortgagee Letter 88-5 or 25 that expands those parameters to qualified home inspectors. I will try to find the exact letter and post it again.

Ive posted that letter several times on this board and now I cannot find it.

Jeff, If you have seen an updated mortgagee letter that differs from this one let me know as I have not seen one.

Here’s a list of letters.

Thanks Linas, It is 88-5. Does anyone know of a new policy that trumps this one?

WASHINGTON, D. C. 20410-8000

February 29, 1988
Mortgagee Letter 88-5
SUBJECT: Single Family Development - Certifications of Mechanical
Equipment, Roofing or Structural Components by Qualified
Home Inspectors (Existing Properties)

 As a specific condition on Form HUD-92800.5B, for existing

properties, HUD or a Direct Endorsement (DE) Underwriter can require
an inspection and certification of the heating, plumbing, electrical
roofing or structural components of a dwelling by a reputable,
independent licensed contractor or engineer, as set forth in
paragraph 3-32 of HUD Handbook 4150.1.

 The purpose of this memorandum is to expand those instructions

to permit qualified home inspectors to perform these inspections.

 You are reminded that these inspections and certifications do

not imply any warranty by HUD of the inspections performed and do not
relieve the requirement for an inspection of the other items listed
as specific conditions on Form-92800.5B by a HUD fee appraiser or
inspector (or DE staff appraiser or inspector).

 Please ensure that this procedure is used on only existing

properties. Inspections on proposed construction properties must be
accomplished by members of your fee inspector panel.

 If you have any questions, please contact the Housing

Development Branch in the local HUD Field Office for your

                               Thomas T. Demery
                               Assistant Secretary

FHA inspections are done by inspectors or anyone who fills out the required FHA paperwork and is accepted by the FHA. The inspections are ordered by banks on NEW construction properties that qualify for FHA loans. I have a friend that does about 4-8 a month for just one bank.


That would be 1 type…Fee Panel Inspector.

It depends on what state your in
I do FHA and VA inspections for Pest and dryrot items in Oregon.:mrgreen:

Is there a process to be accepted by the FHA?

FHA inspections are done by inspectors or anyone who fills out the required FHA paperwork and is accepted by the FHA.

Well then…that would be another type of inspection.

Google FHA inspections or FHA inspector and fill out the paper work and wait 2-3 months for approval.


There is a process to become a fee panel inspector and you should visit the HUD website to figure it out…I say figure it out because you should become familiar with the site and the publications prior to applying.

You guys are right, I should have expanded more on my response. I do know about the FHA, VA, and HUD inspections.

My response was directed more at the “current trend” for FHA inspection requests, where appraisers are required to “inspect” a home during the appraisal for FHA loans.

It’s frustrating to get the calls from clients and/or agents who say “the appraiser said the water heater wasn’t properly strapped, but you said it was fine. Can you go back out and verify this?”

Appraisers are now carrying ladders and outlet testers to try and “comply” with the FHA guidelines.

Here is a checklist I got online from Cliff Odom in GA used by Appraisers.
I can see how Jeff has a problem with overlapping inspection items.

That looks like a few inspection reports from Home Inspectors up here in NorCal. No wonder they only charge $150.00.

I do not agree that appraisers should be inspecting most of the items in that 8 page report.