FHA/HUD-certified home inspector

Can anyone clarify what it means to be an FHA/HUD-certified home inspector for non-Government owned housing?

Not me. All I know is they is not any money in HUD projects when it comes to Construction :slight_smile:

I “think” you just have to have a license but am not sure.

I disagree, there is plenty of money to be made. Depends on how you run your business.

People wouldn’t do HUD/ FHA projects if there was no money.

Are you inquiring about the 203K Consultant/inspector?

I’d like to find out what it means to be a FHA/HUD-certified home inspector - special training? Special process? Are they in demand?

FHA is min’ 3 years experience as a Cert’ H I.

I think HUD is like 50 cert’ documented inspections.

I checked on them a year ago, I believe those are the requirements.

To clarify, I am not referring to the FHA 203(k) program. I am referring to HUD Compliance Inspector & HUD Fee Inspector. After lots of research trying to sort out outdated information and forms, and painful phone calls with people that really don’t know anything about the programs, I wrote a letter of experience and attached my license and shipped to two different addresses (because I was not sure which was actually correct). This was approximately two weeks ago. I have not heard anything as of yet. I will update this thread when/if I receive any response.

In the mean time, if anyone out there has any personal experience, please share.

Again, this is not for 203k

I’m an FHA/HUD Approved Fee Inspector. Did the same as you several years ago. Filled out a form with my credentials. I’ve actually did it twice, two different States. You will Not get a written response/email from anyone.

To find out if you were accepted, routinely check here for your name.

Either type in your name or State you applied for.