What is a HUD certified Home Inspector??

I have searched on the HUD web site and can only find HUD Certified Inspectors for Low to Mod income type houseing? Useually section 8 or low income multi-family.
A lender is asking for a certified FHA Inspector. I would argue there is no such aniamal.
There is a disclouse the lender is required to send out (You Should Get a Home Inspection) but this is only a disclouser to suggest to get a home inspector. FHA does not have home inspectors, nor does VA.
So who is the lender talking about??:neutral:

Do a google search for form Hud form 92563.
It’s an application to be approved to do FHA/HUD Inspections. Takes about 2 weeks to get approved…

The lenders have several forms that they may need, often times they are done by appraisers, but appraisers can’t do the final inspection on some properties, and a fee inspector is needed. In order to price it you would need to find out which hud form is needed to be filled out. Some are really long and some are really easy.

Thanks Mark!! That was Huge!! I have already filled out the app, and faxed it in. 2 weeks , great news. I will check out the forms also. :smiley: Thank you again!! Brad

BTW, they don’t tell you when you are approved. There is a web link on the form, so keep checking it. Once you are approved you will show up there. I found out I was approved when a lender called me, and told me she got my name off the site. :roll: Boy was I caught flat footed…

Did you have to take the HUD inspection exam to be included on their list? It sort of asks that on the top of page 1

No I did not. The way it is worded states something on the lines of “when available” or “where available” something like that. The only place that I know of that the training is given is in DC. Since I’m no where close to there it’s “not available”. Apparently that’s ok, because they approved me without it. Of course if the ever offer it close to me, or online, I think I would be obligated to take it.

How do I get on the list for approved HUD inspectors for DC and Maryland. I have done Inspections for HUD for many years. There are new rules since October 1, 2015 and you have to be approved. Don’t exactly know what to do

Do what Mark says. Follow the instructions on the form.