FHA Inspections

This question is for any of you out there that have done “FHA” Inspections. As far as I understand, there is no such thing as an FHA Inspector. As a matter of fact on there own web site they encourage new home buyers to get an “Independent Inspector”. My question is : Is there anything special that you would look for while doing an FHA Inspection?

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If you look for termites, you have to use seperate NPMA-33 form. HUD inspections are different. You are correct about FHA home inspections. Watch the terracing, guttering, hand rails, hot water heaters in garages, that sort of thing. And of course, bats in the attic.

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Hey Guys, Glad you brought this one up… and Linas maybe you can jump in on this.

I have been doing FHA evaluations or (rebhab) inspections for Digital Draw Network, they are paying me $75 to do them… Are you doing them Linas??? Just curious. They are more work than the draw inspections… filling out major defect info. etc. uploading a form with more pics… but still easy inspections.

Let me know if DDN has sent any your way, and what are you charging for them???


The only FHA inspections that require a special Inspector designation are the HUD 203K inspections (203K Inspector designation) and mobile home foundation inspections (Professional Engineer).

You are correct that they do encourage home buyers to obtain an inspection by an independent home inspector. You can perform these for anyone obtaining an FHA/HUD loan as long as they are not one of the two types above. Now lenders can make any requirements they want as it is their money. But if you are asked if you are an FHA Inspector just ask them for the requirements and help them see the light. Oh. and go make money on it!

Charles H.,

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I did one for DDN a couple months ago. It’s an annual inspection. $75

Are you still being paid $50 for draw inspections??? or more…

Thats all. Over 500 last year.

have any of you signed on for fee inspector :cool:

Fee inspector??? not sure what you meant…

I’m a FHA Inspector. There are some of us still around.

  • I do 203k inspections, consulting and architectural plan reviews.
  • I also do FHA draw OR final inspections for new construction.
  • I also do FHA Compliance Inspections for new construction.
  • I also periodically get called for mobile or modular home tie down inspections, or for issues requiring field modifications (like flip up roofs).
    *]I also periodically get called by the PE in the field office to review an engineers foundation or structural recommendations if say the foundation contractor questions the engineers repair design.

I actually do moble homes under FHA and HUD, I get $100.00 if they send me on a job, and I recieve $150.00 if I referr an inspection through the company. Plus I get $0.30 per mile if I drive 60 miles total trip miles. If you want to know more about this type of work.they pay great and on time as they mention. go to www.hayman-res.com it’s easy to get involved with and they work with you not against you. If you call the company ask for Angie… they will take their time in explaining how the inspections work and what you need to do.

Hey Dan,

FHA/HUD sites are both not very friendly. I did not see anything there on the FHA draw and finals and FHA compliance inspections. Can you point me to the WEB page for that? Did they have a requirement for certification and training on those and a subsequent rating of any type?

Mostly just curious. Have not been asked for one yet but do get the occasional, and unecessary, request for an FHA Certified Inspector for a normal FHA backed purchase.




Thanks for the links!

Emmanuel -

I don’t have a clue, I don’t go on their web site. Its too confusing. I’ve done their stuff since 1993 and we didn’t have a web site then.


Yes their site and HUD site is a bit of a mess. Thanks!

Hey guys (you who are signed up as FHA fee inspectors),

I recently signed on as an FHA fee inspector. I read as much as I could on their website (very difficult) prior to applying.

Today, I received 2 separate calls asking for a Final inspection. I spoke with FHA in Denver (nice lady) and she seemed to have some good information. My question to those already doing this: Do I merely examine the plans for deviations, ensure everything has been completed, check-off block #14 of the 92051 and sign it? That really seems too easy, but that’s pretty much what she indicated.

I want to do a good job and am reading again (right now) as much as I can digest, but it is difficult to wade through. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.