FHA Requirement

Is there any special certifications or requirements for FHA inspections?

no! Conductor your inspection as you normally do.

I want to say that you have to have a minimum of three years in the business, to work for a bank owned company don’t quote me on that. If your hired out by the client, that you can do the inspection as normal.

Thanks! had a realtor ask

The three year requirements are for 203k draw inspections.

Tell them the only thing that will be any different is the Appraisal, not the home inspection.

Depends. The FHA call their cost estimate analysis on 203k loans an FHA inspection, which has nothing to do with a home inspection and you must be certified to do them. To do a home inspection on any VA/FHA loan, nothing else is needed, its the same as what you do now. Make sure the agent understands what exactly the differences are and what is needed depending on the mortgage type.

The clients generally need the NPMA-33 insect report.

It all depends on the “termite zone” they are in. Out here? Never unless the appraiser calls for it.

you cannot do complainace inspections unless you are on their roster.