FHA OHIO form for inspecting

Would anyone know what the proper form is in doing a FHA inspection in the state of Ohio?

just had a call for an FHA inspection in OH myself
would be interested to see teh form

I was trying to search on Ohio.gov or FHA Ohio.gov but was having trouble locating the proper form.

FHA no longer requires property inspections for their loans. They do highly recommend them to potential buyers. HUD also no longer requires property inspections unless it is a 203K application.

What you can do is use the FHA Guidebook For Appraisers. You can start here to locate it. The Appraiser guidebook will provide the criteria appraisers will use to rate a home which aare mostly cosmetic and simple operational checks of the home.

For any FHA or HUD inspection I use the appraiser criteria in addition to a full home inspection.

Sorry guys the link did not copy. But that is OK because FHA uses HUD standards and you can find the HUD standards for HUD Inspectors at: