Hud Forms

All year long I have been using HUD 92051. Today I had to fill out form 1004D that is designed for appraisers. I have it on e-mail if anyone needs it but you cannot edit it.

As of 1/1/2010 FHA will now require a final inspection to be completed on the Appraisal Update and/or Completion form Fannie Mae Form 1004D/Freddie Mac Form 442/March 2005. Effective for all FHA case number acquired on 02/15/2010 and after.

Do you have a release from FHA stating this. I haven’t seen anything yet.
I would suppose you meant AS of 1/1/2011

Warning about Fee Inspections.

I did two final inspections for Wells Fargo, 2701 Wells Fargo Way, Minneapolis, MN 55467, in early October and they still haven’t paid me.

I’ve tried to contact them to resolve this issue several times with no results.

The letter I saw in regards to this strongly implied it was for appraisers, and NOT fee inspectors, and it’s only for specific loan’s. I called FHA and the person I talked to referenced the same letter, and gave me the opinion that it was supposed to be done by appraisers only. Be sure to inquire as to what form they are requiring. I’ve turned in the 92051 and had them turn around a ask for the other. So I’ve learned to ask up front. I have an appraiser who I sub to do the 1004D’s for me now when I get those calls. (and yes, this has been since February, 2010)

The inspection request was from the Stars Team and I have done 3 other inspections for them this year all on the 92051 form. This time they said their under writer asked for the 1004d. I explained that I was not an Appraiser but she insisted that I use that form. On another note…if you save a copy of 92051 look at the upper right corner of the form to ensure the one you use has not expired. The expiration date is under the OMB number.

I’ve done a couple for them recently and have been paid within a few weeks.

If she insists that it needs to be on that form, then tell her it needs to be done by an appraiser. At least in MO, appraisers are a licensed professional, and if you do appraisal work without that license you can get in some pretty deep trouble. (After saying that, I did one the very first time this came up, but I was very clear in the identification section that I was a fee inspector and not an appraiser. It appears that I got away with it so far, but who knows.)