FHA Well and septic location

I had a realtor reach out to me and ask if I was able to do a well and septic location report for an fha loan. First time being asked for this. She said every property that’s on septic with fha financing requires this. Is this something the FHA appraiser usually takes care of? I’ve done several inspections on septic with fha buyers and as far as I know they’ve closed with no issues and this was never mentioned.

Personally, I would pass on location identification for wells or septics. Opens up a whole other can of worms if you miss. Leave it to the well/septic companies to find them.


Suggest that the realtor check with the local health department. The health agency having jurisdiction should have a sketch on file showing the location of the septic tank and drainage field shown in relationship to the onsite structure(s) and any wells with their offset distances from the septic system (looking for at least 100 feet offset).


That’s good advice Brian. The problem we have encountered with our Health Department is the the septic permits were/are issued under the named of the person applying for it and not the address or location. So, whoever is trying to find the original permit would have to either know the name of the original owner/builder who made the application or research it themselves. A lot of research and time spent when it would be cheaper to hire a septic company to locate it. But that is a local thing here and poor data management from the get go.