Well inspection

What are the best standards of practice for well inspections? What do you guys check if it is submersible pump in well? I know there are FHA guidelines on the distance of wells, and septic-50’ away from septic, etc. Thanks for sharing

I am not sure if there is a standard of practice for well inspections. I do know that you must disclaim what you cannot see but the degree of testing varies depending how in depth you want to be.

50 feet? Are you sure? Try again.

50 feet? Are you sure? Try again.

50’ from septic to well in Indiana. 10’ from property line. 50’ from finger. I just worked with county health dpt they gave me all numbers

You mentioned FHA. FHA and HUD many times have much more stringent standards than local jurisdictions. They require 50’ from the tank but 100’ from the drain field. Yes, you can obtain exceptions with certain paperwork.

The worst person to deal with in any real estate transaction is the loan underwriter. They don’t like exceptions and on the occasion someone requests one, will make them jump through so many hoops, many times deals will fall apart.

In my area, I would say that 99% of homes on private wells are also on septic systems. Some people, including the underwriters, just want water samples for potability and do not care about the well, pumps, tanks, location, or septic system. Two different inspections and vastly different prices.

What would be possible issues with a “shallow well”? Does it do any good to measure the depth? I would think in our field the pump condition-pressure, leaks, plumbing, etc would be the extent. thanks

Your thinking would be right. Don’t complicate things. I note what type of pump in addition to the things you stated. Easy peasy. I also will note foul odors, discoloration, etc. when filling basins and always check the inside of toilet tanks.


Don’t complicate things!

  • Water supply quality and quantity are not tested.
  • An inspection of the sewage system is outside the scope of this inspection.

Thank you gentlemen