As part of the ongoing legislative work, Florida Home Inspector Council has decided to hire a lawyer to file a petition on behalf of FHIC declaring that only a licensed home inspector can perform the duties as described in FS 468.83.

They will also be meeting with the Florida Realtors Association and attending an unlicensed activity form. We are continuing efforts to meet with some other groups and possibly develop a Home Inspector Board for the state.

Nice work as always John


I thought that was the case once grandfathering of GC’s ended? What has changed?

Robert Koning

Now they want GC to be exempt from Inspector Licensing.

No license, no SOP and no Ethics!

Now they want GC to be exempt from Inspector Licensing.

No license, no SOP and no Ethics!

Something is wrong with the CILB. They create a license category and they told GC’s they had a year to grandfather & gave them an extension if I remember correctly. The point was, you had to have a HI license to inspect homes or at least that is what I was told by the DBPR.

I’m afraid we have two extremes:

  1. One group does not need to qualify based upon current license.
  2. Other group does not need to qualify based upon no experience whatsoever - just pass a test. I bought a new pair of shoes this week and the shoe salesman noticed my work shirt (logo) and proudly advised me he had passed the HI exam and was asking me the best place to get a website. Knows nothing about homes and has sold shoes since HS. But, he is a HI.

I also just did a 203K following a fellow InterNachi inspector who failed to mention there were no window bucks in the home - he also said the home was CMU. Garage was CMU and rest of house was frame with one coat stucco on OSB with no house wrap or drainage accessories. Windows were literally nailed into the frame and about 4 inches of stucco was built up around the window frame. Trusses were handmade and the worst example of a roof truss I have ever seen. Built in 2005. His comment was, “this house meets current code as it was passed by the local building inspector in 2005”.

It’s a mess no matter which way you look at it.

Did you check to see if he also had a contractor’s license?

Just sent a donation for the attorney.
Keep up the good work.