update on home inspector licensing

All, I was in Tallahassee today to meet with Represantive Workman regarding proposed changes to his bill (HB 713) for home inspector licensing. 1st- Some history for those who have not been following this legislation: The original home inspector law that is scheduled to go into effect this July has language that allows home inspectors to perform repairs on homes that they inspect “after closing”. The law also has language that allows home inspectors to inspect for free homes that they have a financial interest in the sale or transfer. (Contractors moonlighting as home inspectors would have a financial interest in the transfer of the property if they are going to make repairs on the back end of the trasnsaction.) Obviously, that language runs counter to all professional inspector assoication’s codes of ethics. This was pointed out to the legislators months ago and they did the right thing and amended the language in their bills to prohibit repairs on homes that home inspectos inspect. They also changed the language to prohibit inspections on homes that inspectors have a financial interest in the sale or transfer. These positive changes elimate the potential for a conflict also follow professional inspector associations’ codes of ethics. Last week, the contracors lobby fought to have the language removed from the bills. Their argument was that they have been the ones that have been doing the majority of home inspections in Florida and should be able to offer repairs as licensed contractros. I was told by Rep. Workman and DBPR that contractors have collectively been slamming email accounts of all representatives and senators requesting to be exempt from home inspector licensing or at least exempt from the prohibtion to do repairs. It appears that Rep. Workman is going to cave to the pressure of the contractors lobby and make the changes. I have not seen the new language yet but it now appears that there will be two sets of rules- one set for us- and one set for licensed home inspectors who are also licensed contractors. The contractors will be allowed to offer repairs on homes that they inspect- even though all industry standard codes of ethics prohibit that practice.Also, positive changes were added to SB 648 Bennett and HB 663 Aubuchon that have added licensed home inspectors to the list of approved indiviuals that can complete the wind mitigation form OIR B1 1802. Because of those positive changes, the insurance industry lobby and the WCE’s lobby is seeking to have those changes removed to keep licensed home inspectors out of the wind mitigation business.We lost some ground today. I would encourage all home inspectors that abide by a code of ethics to begin a daily email campaign to all representives to voice your concern for the changes that are about to happen to the bils.For those of you that may be media savy, this would also make for a great news story to get the public aware of how special interests can influence legislation. This would make a great story in Rep. Workmans district.

:-({|=Ya hoo. Contractors stand up and be counted. Tell the government good job. We should be able to do whatever we are legally allowed to do. If we hold different licenses NO ONE should be able to tell us we cannot give a bid on work just like anyone else. If any home inspectors think this is not fair then get your contractors license. You will never succeed in life by trying to hold others back and stop them from competing. Improve yourself and get more qualifications to compete. Do not rely on the government to squash out your competition. This is AMERICA we should have the right to do any and all work we are qualified to do, let the customers decide who to trust and who they want to give their business to. The customer should have the right to choose any person they want to do the work regardless of how many other services the person can provide. As far as the wind mitigation reports go they should keep the qualifications as they are. The reports are about how a home is BUILT home inspectors do not build homes only architects, engineers and contractors do. Lets keep things the way they are if possible and lets try to stop these changes from going into effect with the wind mitigation process and lets stop the useless new form from going into effect. :smile:

Thanks for the update Steve. No big surprises there. Looks like the contractors are going to ruin this profession in Florida. Looks like the politicians are going to let the wolfs guard the chicken coup. I think that I will start offering $49 inspections just so I can screw the contractors.

I think that every true home inspector in Florida should revoke their membership in ASHI, NACHI and FABI. If they let this fly then we have no use for any of these associations.

Mr. Meeker, Are you a full certified member of NACHI?

:mrgreen: Yes I am a member of InterNACHI. Would you like to join? It is a great organization. We have a great code of ethics. I personally do not see the conflict of interest that many do see. I believe if a customer trusts me and wants me to do some work then nobody should be able to tell me I cannot. I do abide by “our” code because that is what I agreed to do but I do not agree with it. If a termite inspector finds termites does he offer to kill them? If a mold inspector finds mold does he not offer to get rid of it? If a mechanic finds a problem while working on a car does he not offer to fix it? etc… I myself do not want the repair work anyhow. I prefer new construction. Lets get to the meat of the matter the reason you and most other inspectors feel like that is because you are afraid Contractors will offer free inspections just to get the work. I myself would not work for 3 to 4 hours at least for a rock bottom price just to hope I find something to point out then submit a bid on and then maybe get the job. I want to get a good fair price for the hard work I do inspecting homes. I do not inspect homes so I can maybe find some work and I doubt many legitimate contractors take that course of action trying to find new work.
When I first started inspecting homes I thought why bother joining InterNACHI I am qualified to do the work. Then Realtors and customers asked if I was a member of any inspection association and I had to say no. Guess what I did next, I did not try to stop people who were members from being allowed to do home inspections I decided to join an association myself. My advice to anyone who thinks contractors have an unfair advantage is to become a contractor don’t try to hold someone else back to get ahead. Improve yourself, take courses, keep learning and do the best you can. That is how we get ahead in this great country. :smiley:

Mr Meeker,
You are another one that bugs me to no end. I read your posts and you seem to do a lot of crying if it does not benefit your agenda. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that any hungry contractor can steer a unknowing customer into thinking a problem is a bigger issue that it truly is. To be truly unbiased you can not have another agenda. Some of these inspectors have spent years of their life working, studying and educating themselves on all aspects of construction, not just keeping pigeon holed in one specific field. They deserve to be paid for their knowledge and experience. Yet you sit here and publicly justify the actions of contractors who can give out free inspections just so they have a chance to get some business. No conflict their huh?? No maybe you won’t give your inspections away, but others will. You seem to be giving away wind mits. You also jump on anybody you can to try and push these. I get the impression you are just a hungry out of work contractor willing to step on anyones toes you can to make a buck. If you truly had any self respect you would value the hard work of an inspector. You posts do nothing but give me the impression that you only joined because you felt you would get more business. I hope i did offend you and go ahead report this one. I am just sick of you crying.

You may not be one who will use the inspection to get perhaps unwarranted work but there are many who will. I see it almost every inspection. Not just GCs but in all the trades. I recently did an inspection for a very elderly retired Naval Aviator who had a Carrier HVAC system in his home that was only about 5 years old and he was told he needed a complete new system installed. He didn’t know any better and came from a generation where a man’s word meant something so he assumed this contractor was telling him the truth. The SOB replaced his Carrier with a piece of crap contractor grade unit (think of the cheapest pos on the market) and charged him half again what it was worth. I suspect this A-hole either sold that Carrier to some other unsuspecting person or put it in his own house. If you think there are not some who won’t use this to generate business think again. It is already happening and I hear about it more and more. Same thing happened after the hurricanes we had. Many new roofs on homes that had no appreciable damage other than a few missing or torn shingles.

Greg, Doug and Mr. Fogarty, I could not agree with you more! As the economy tanked a whole bunch of GC’s started to look for new sources of revenue and HI was a natural progression. I know ALOT of GC’s architects et al and they could not be bothered with HI. They are too SUCCESSFUL in their own trade. As a licensed res real estate appraiser I saw too many houses built by GC’s that were pure CRAP. If not for USPAP I would have told the potential buyer to run away and run as fast as possible.

Fortunately the economy has put most of those dirtbags out of business, a blessing in disguise. Now they are trying to promote their main business by generating leads via HI. “Mrs. Smith, that wall is going to cave in on you and you might die! I can fix it for $100,000 Oh! and your roof is no good, the facias are rotted…”
Then they hire a sub who hires a bunch of illegals, do sh%t work, collect the check and run. I have seen WAAAAAY too much of this crap down here and I will write to EVERY state senator/rep advising them that there is NO WAY a GC should be allowed to do a HI and then the repairs. Talk about a good screwing for the consumer.

If you want to be a GC then do it. If you want to be a HI then do it. BUT PLEASE do not piss on my shoe and tell me it’s raining. I know I’ll get some heat for this and I really do not care. I consider myself to be a reserved, soft spoken gentleman, however, tear off as much as you think you can handle! "feeling lucky punk"

I think all you guys in FL should piss and moan till your throat is sore. Don’t cry on here, make somthing happen. John, you’re right. Some people will believe what ever you tell them, because you have advertised yourself as a professional. I guess I am partial to this topic because I used to live in FL and I thought about moving back. I don’t know if I want to now if I will have to fight a bunch of hungry GC’s. Do I have a problem with inspectors doing work ater the job. No, as long as they advise that the customer gets other estimates. Can’t hide much if your the only one jumping up and down about nothing. If you want to be a home inspector, then you should have to pass the requirements and follow the rules. Period. If all the builders were great, then we would not exisist.

You got me all wrong. I have no agenda, I am just tired of losers trying to hold me down.What I charge for wind mits is completely in line with what the market will bear. Do some research and find out. I want as much work as I can handle. I provide great services at great prices. I decide what my time is worth and I do not just follow along blindly agreeing with every sad sack that does not have all of the qualifications I have. Plain and simple I want to do what I decide to do when I want to do it. It is not your business or the government or InterNACHI’s business to tell me what I can do. I never whine like you. I have never had any comment about what someone else should get paid but plenty comment on what I should get paid. I just would like to hear more contractors stand up for themselves against hacks like you who cannot compete on their own merit and want someone else to hold back their competition. People like you probably got bullied alot in their past and feel better when they try to tell others what to do. I feel sorry for you about that but is not the evil contractors fault you cannot make a buck. If you feel we have an unfair advantage then why don’t you become one. Sean by the way please stay where you are we do not need any more crybabies down here.


I’ve missed you man. Where have you been I would have thought you would have been here hours ago.:—)

Well here you have it. A bunch of sad sacks. My impression is that if after 20 years of doing stucco work your refferal base should be large enough to not even deal with inspections. Yet you seem to be running around scarfing up any little bit of work you can find. I am not telling you what to do. I just think your a worm with no grit and you openly show your true colors on how you feel about our business in general. I can’t believe I am the first to speak up. Everyone knows in all aspects you get what you pay for. You badmouth what HI’s stand for and then get pissed when someone fires back. This is the reason why if licensing is done properly, it will help ensure the customer is getting a fair shake. You still don’t seem to get it. **It is a conflict of interest. **I think you are a prime example of what people will do when they get greedy or hungry. But go ahead keep flapping your gums about whats not fair. It’s not fair because it hurts your bottom line.

You are very right. New stucco work is hard to come by but I still do have projects going on but not like in the past. I am talented in many fields so when one thing slows down I focous on the other things I do well. I am a very hard worker and try to scarf up all of the work I can. Yes I do try to be as honest as possible and always show my true colors. I am very proud of both qualities. I always compete person to person and never try to have the government or anyone else fight my battles for me. You should try it some time it is a great feeling.

You’re not the first. :shock:

Where have you been Sean. Lowball Mike was exposed a while back.

Welcome ccurrins. There is a whole lot more than that. Just search Meeker Industries I love the free press some day I will post everything other inspectors have to say about me on my website just for the good publicity.:mrgreen:

And I am still kicking *** and taking names. Giving the customers the best deal in town.:mrgreen:

So you think.