Floirda Home Inspector Council

Back in May the Florida Home Inspector Council (FHIC) which was formed, which included all inspection organizations. Zoe and Dennis werer there representing INACHI. This council was set up to give home inspectors one unified voice with the OIR, legislative process, and insurance process. Can anyone give me an update on this?

I believe I was still on the Suncoast ASHI board when we found out they were trying to get us to give them money, it was good for a chuckle. :smiley:

As far as I know, InterNACHI refused to sign off on their absurd SOP draft and ASHI pulled out altogether. InterNACHI is bigger than all other associations in Florida COMBINED… so we already have an association that speaks for the industry with one voice.

Now I know why its one voice…because its LITERALLY one voice…No one else knows antyhing about it…Nice to get these updates :slight_smile: We are bigger than all other combined and yet cannot get anything done…AMAZING…

??? What are you talking about? We get more done in a week than all other association’s and schools (combined) get done in a year. Click on: www.nachi.org/whats_new.htm and prepare to scroll.

Nick your like talking to a wall…Want me to prove it? Here goes…with YOUR OWN WORDS…

This is what YOU said…AAA post #43…Read it…apparently ASHI got their way…who said that…YOU did…man, High altitude makes for a short memory.

I am the only person who attended all four Department-hosted Stakeholder meetings. In each meeting I argued that grandfathering should be granted only to those who have completed 120 hours of education (as this is clearly the legislative intent of the law). Also, InterNACHI was the first to get an educators license in Florida and the first to submit our free, online courses for approval. Also, all along the legislative path I argued that the law be education based. Also, I met with the Governor to argue that it should be education based and that passing one beginner’s exam is meaningless.

Diploma mill ASHI fought and knocked the 120 hours down to a measly 14 hours. They instead worked to make the license proctored-testing based. Hm… now why would they do that? LOL!

If it were me, as I publicly stated for the record at all four Department-hosted Stakeholder meetings, I’d require 120 hours. But I don’t make the rules.

So in the world according to NICK, NACHI can’t get it done…but other organzations can…Your words…NOT MINE.

Nick look at NACHI.org…where does it have a page for Realtors or buyers or sellers?..LETS see…NO WHERE…So even if people WANT to know about NACHI, they cannot find it on our own site! Why is that? Because NICK you are the master of marketing. You get these people to promote YOU and NACHI…Because NACHI and NICK are one in the same…No difference. You get inspectors to MARKET NACHI then you do absolutely NO EFFECTIVE marketing for them. NONE…so they market you and you pseudo market them. New inspectors see an awesome educational site, which it is…way easy to get into, hell you can be a CMI with a bad conscious. Take a test, do nothing after it, no check or balances and no tracking of the educational “requirements”. So you actually get inspectors to market their NEW DIRECT competition for YOUR INCOME…Brilliant and my hat is off to you…

As for getting things done, it is true that Florida’s requirements are minimal, but that is true for most licensed states and there is little InterNACHI or I can do to change the general nation-wide policy of making it easy to get a license. ASHI doesn’t help much, what with ASHI having no entrance requirements at all. We do verify that everyone who goes through our pre-licensing system actually completes all the courses, quizzes, and exams. I sign each certificate personally attesting to this verification before we send it off to the member and the state. We succeeded in getting done what we really needed to be done in Florida, that being instituting an approved system to get our members grandfathered quickly with little hassle and expense, and getting our Florida DBPR educators’ license issued to InterNACHI first. Florida is but one state in one country (we operate in 60 some countries) and I think we accomplished more than we’d hoped to in Florida with regard to getting our grandfathering process approved.

As for marketing, we don’t run your business for you. We give you everything you need to succeed in the inspection business. I started a new thread titled Inspection Business Marketing Strategies. I’ll post a new one every day.

As for CMI’s requirements, I see nothing weak or wrong with them. The following taken directly from www.CertifiedMasterInspector.org :

Best of all, there are no annual dues associated with the *Certified Master Inspector *professional designation (the highest professional designation in the inspection industry).

Do you feel CMI’s requirements should be improved in some way? How? John and I are very open to suggestions for improving CMI’s requirements. If you have suggestions or criticisms of CMI, please start a new thread in the CMI forum: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f55/

LMAO…are you serious? You verify NOTHING…anyone can become a CMI…just sign away and double dare promise to be honest. Nick I am a CMI and you verified NONE of my information.

At least you are finally now reconizing you have no effective marketing for inspectors. Thanks that was very big of you. I appreciate it.

Nope. For instance (this again directly from www.certifiedmasterinspector.org ):

We’re not the FBI, so I suppose someone could doctor up fake documents and get them past us, but that would mean the applicant perpetrated a fraud.

LMAO…WOW…NACHI fraud! That gets you what? Being in business for 3 years means nothing. But NICK, as I have said before you are the master of marketing NACHI and NICK GROMICKO. Hell, I admire you.

There are inspectore here who MAYBE have 100 inspections this year…so 3 years gets you 300 inspections. I know a guy in my area that has been inspecting for 3 years and he cannot tell you a tile roof from a metal roof…doesn’t mean he is CMI material.

3 signed letters…LMAO…are you kidding me? Like I said…You are the master of marketing…

What if you buy an existing company?..OOOPS A DAISY…

I would rather see this in the Members Only section, this is our business, not the worlds. And Russell, you appear to be a knowledgeable entity, what has been done is done – perhaps some suggestions as to what you feel should be done from this point forward would be a better contribution. We cannot change the licensing issues, but maybe we can influence what direction our Society goes in.

The longest threads on this message board are found in archives and they are regarding CMI’s requirements. CMI’s requirements were hashed through ad nauseum by many thoughtful members. I’m not going to go through all the thinking again. You can read through the long threads if you like.

CMI’s requirements are stronger than any other inspection trade association’s or professional designations save the Royal Institute of Charter Surveyors. Here they are again:

Do you no longer wish to be a CMI?

O you mean the school where people need to have NEVER inspected before but get THREE chances to past a test in a single day to get the “qualifications” from your proctored test? Thanks for that! Your the best! Love it! Love it when uneducated, unexperienced inspectors get their “qualifications” from NACHI. Way to promote NACHI. Nice to see you went from 800K to 1.5 Mil in just one year…awesome growth. You marketing GURU…To bad you don’t use that MOJO to market those who are in your monarchy…

LOL! What do you think happens after licensing is adopted??? Think it out man! In licensed states, nearly everyone applying and receiving a license will “have NEVER inspected before.” How could they? They weren’t licensed and getting such experience would have been illegal in that state without a license.

Florida will be no different come next year. All the newbies applying for their license will have “NEVER inspected in Florida before.” Get used to it.

Dennis I agree, what has been done has been done. But NOTHING is changing for the future. These people DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE MEMBERS. It makes no difference what I feel. This is NOT an organization its a monarchy. When YOU realize that you will see. You miss my point totally. When we had the change to make a difference NO DIFFERENCE was made. We were laughed at and pushed aside. Now we have the most important information to come. The STATE SOP and I do not want to lose again! And sitting back while Nick pats himself on the back and tell you how great he is, is NOT going to solve the future issue. The people who HAD the chance to get it right last time FAILED. So you want to keep them on the field?

When you realize organizations do NOT look out for the inspector, they look out for the organization you will see my point of view.

STRONGLY disagree. Most people who NOW have their license are present INSPECTORS…Your AAA class only invites the idiots and uneducated to join. Your quest for large numbers for NACHI at any cost is hurting the industry as a whole…Believe that! Its your lack of professionalism to this industry is what kills it and you prove it by offering as many “easy” ways to get your license as possible.

Nick I will be bringing numerous issues up and would love if you could make it to Florida Saturday. I will be talking about Organization and have numerous questions. I cannot talk about NACHI without talking about you. Because in the present configuration I cannot question NACHI without questioning you because NACHI is NICK…its not an organization. Saturday I will post my outline here in the members only section for you to see so that you do not feel as though I am “talking” behind your back.

Russell… the SOP??? That’s what you are concerned about? You’ll get an opportunity to give your input on the SOP.

I don’t issue licenses or determine the ways to get one.

Well NICK…I have never had an input on ANYTHING yet, what makes me feel that I will be included in this. I can only speak based on past actions. Which have been dismal at best. Hell I have asked 4 times and just still have NOT GOTTEN the names to the people on the FHIC.

Then after some digging I find that ZOE’s husband is on the board. Zoe is the pres of Florida Nachi. So the way I see it, the ORGANIZATIONS NEEDS are met, not the INSPECTORS needs. Yes, they are very much different. SO the person on the board is married to the person who runs FLNACHI. Kinda shady if you ask me. I know you love it, because your interests are saved and looked after.

When it comes to the SOP, you failed at getting the 120 hours of continuing education. What makes me think you will succeed this time? We got one chance to get it right, undoing something is much harder. Easier to get it done right the first time. So sorry, Nope…I don’t think I will have ANY input in the SOP what input have we had so far?..UMMMM NONE!