Fieldstone foundation

In the state of Maine we often see field-stone foundation basements and crawlspaces. Field- stone being very porous and gaps between stone, many times water intrusion is the norm. Would it be recommended to spray foam insulation at the areas of water intrusion. I often see mortar that is eroded at the stone gaps, so I cant imagine foam would last and prevent water to enter these areas.

Chris Sullivan
Peak Performance Inspections.

I inspected and write what I find .It is not my job to tell how things should be remedied.
Too many trades and too many different was to repair things .
I find write it up and move on see what other concerns there are.

we waterproofed one in Pennsylvania not too long ago, used lots of hydraulic cement, thick mastic, visqueen and then backfilled w/gravel.

Yep, many exterior voids/gaps that NO interior basement system repairs/waterproofs hence they do not stop further water from entering those gaps