How about this leaky basement, mold, efflorescence lol

Driveway abuts the block foundation wall, homeowner has been 'sealing the exterior perimeter of driveway for years and so, did THAT stop the water from entering which caused the mold and efflorescence? Nope.

Would installing ANY type of interior basement drainage system and 29 sump pumps stop the water from entering the multiple exterior cracks in the block basement wall? Hlll no! Never, dream on with that crap. And if you don’t stop the water you aren’t going to stop-prevent mold, efflorescence.

Exterior waterproofing needed, needs to be done n backfilled correctly. Saw-cut appx 2’ off edge of driveway in order to hand dig to footing and properly waterproof the wall which is almost never done when these houses were built

See the pretty block wall?