"Constant wetness can dissolve the particles that hold masonry units together..."

Right. So again, installing interior basement systems on any homes that have 1+ exterior cracks in block, brick etc foundation walls does not, will not stop/prevent the blocks, the inside of blocks from getting wet. Just because some Bozo drill holes on inside block wall hardly keeps water from GETTING INTO the blocks and passing through/wetting the mortar joints etc
Landmark Society, historic preservation

Pages 34, 35
“Constant wetness can dissolve the particles that hold masonry units together”

That’s what an interior system will give ya. And no I don’t agree with every sentence here but a lot of it is right-on per trees roots.

–TREES and Your Foundation
“Strong foundations are sometimes damaged by SMALL roots that entered tiny cracks, then grew and expanded the crack. Large roots can push bulges into the foundation wall… EXCAVATE problem tree roots and remove the entire tree”

2 photos of an exterior corner crack in block foundation wall where some tiny roots grew INTO duh crack and help widen duh crack…

close-up photo of same crack…

No interior basement system removes these underground roots, all kinds of roots that grow along, into foundation walls. They also do not repair/waterproof ANY of these existing, open cracks… so they do NOT stop–prevent FURTHER WATER from getting into the block walls, the cells, the cores… hello! They also do not remove any clay soil, aka lateral soil pressure that causes many cracks and subsequent leaks in basement walls and causes walls to bow in, nope.

Go back please and eyeball the 2 pica photos above… exterior cracks and often other exterior openings that NO company/contractor who installs interior basement systems, repairs/waterproofs… they don’t even care to OR, know how to go about finding/identifying these cracks, any–all exterior cracks are LEFT OPEN by these bumbling-fools… how does anyone in their right mind come to the conclusion these interior companies are… ‘experts’, are honest experts. NONSENSE, they are full of shttt, incompetent and misrepresent homeowners actual problems.

Here’s a home inspector in Canada, what he says in this article… he ‘gets-it’… how come HE seems to understand this shtt and so do some-others including here/Nachi but, many others do NOT and continue to recommend interior systems and other bulllshtt? Some HI’s even come on here, my posts, and biaatch and moan at my azz, somehow thinking THEY know better, pffft!!!
http://homes.winnipegfreepress.com/winnipeg-real-estate-articles/category-/title-leaky-foundations-best-fixed-from-outside/id-24 --Leaky Foundations Best Fixed From Outside
Yet Nachi has Basement Systems… interior companies speak (spread bllshtt) at Nachi meetings, hmmm. Now why ya TINK that is? Sheesh.

Ari, the HI in article above in-part says, “Internal weeping tile installation is NOT a good solution as the messy and costly installation may affect the structural integrity of the basement floor slab and does NOTHING to stop further deterioration of the outside of foundation walls”

And any homeowner reading my crap, the truth, whether you like the 4 letter words or not, ask yourself this about ‘some’ home inspectors here/elsewhere who have taken the time to type/post shtt back to me about my posts and who have said, Mark, I don’t have time to read your crap…" or, “Mark, all you do is ramble, have poor sentence structure etc”…ask yourself, they had TIME to post back and talk shtt, right?
Why not take the time to read,look at the photos and videos and try understanding wtf I’m yapping about in the interest of, for the betterment of… their CLIENTS!!! They don’t have TIME to get better, to understand more on this subject to help you, the clent, the buyer/seller? Really? I certainly know without a doubt they do not have anything remotely close to having the hands-on experience needed to truly help any client that has any of the problems discussed here. Talking about your foundation walls etc here, NOT a hand rail or a dishwasher or a toilet paper roll! Feel me?

What, they can’t get up 5-10 minutes earlier and look at the photos/videos which may help them… help you? Really?
Is this the kind of home inspector YOU want… someone not willing to understand more about foundations and leaky basements and mold, efflorescence etc… someone who thinks (pfffffffffffft) they know everything, really?