Figuring how many CMI's in your State?

I went to the CMI site at

and put in Florida to see how many came up. First time I did it there was 83 now only 76. Is this an accurate way to know how many are in your State and why would the number drop? I thought once you were one you were for life. I doubt 7 died since I last checked and if they did who notified the ORG?

I am just curious as I like to quote how many are in my State when telling folks about the designation.

If there is a better way of knowing how many are in our States please let me know. Thanks in advance.

The Meeker Mantra

There is not a live-time way to do it. I’m going to convert the CMI database to an EXCEL file and post it as soon as I can.

If you’re using MySQL then you can query pretty much anything you want from what I understand. What are you’re programmers using?

I am interested as to why you have not joined CMI Billy?

As of 1/17/2014:

7 – Alaska
5 – Alabama
4 – Arkansas
6 – Arizona
69 – California
43 – Colorado
6 – Connecticut
93 – Florida
19 – Georgia
1 – Guam
2 – Iowa
8 – Idaho
14 – Illinois
4 – Indiana
4 – Kansas
3 – Kentucky
5 – Massachusetts
11 – Maryland
4 – Maine
17 – Michigan
3 – Minnesota
9 – Missouri
4 – Mississippi
2 – Montana
12 – North Carolina
1 – North Dakota
2 – Nebraska
5 – New Hampshire
9 – New Jersey
1 – New Mexico
3 – Nevada
23 – New York
14 – Ohio
5 – Oklahoma
7 – Oregon
14 – Pennsylvania
2 – Puerto Rico
5 – Rhode Island
7 – South Carolina
2 – South Dakota
13 – Tennessee
25 – Texas
11 – Utah
8 – Virginia
14 – Washington
7 – Wisconsin
1 – Wyoming
78 - Alberta
4 – British Columbia
3 – New Brunswick
1 – Nova Scotia
85 – Ontario
8 – Quebec
7 – Saskatchewan

It’s best to just say something like…

“Only the top 3% of all home inspectors earn the Certified Master Inspector professional designation.”

Yikes! Ontario is right up on the top with Florida.
How did that happen?:mrgreen:

Unfounded, blatant exaggeration boardering outright lies!

This* may* be closer to the truth…

*“Only 3% of all home inspectors have purchased the Certified Master Inspector professional designation”. *

You would have to prove that also Jj. Have fun with that as you can’t get any other approved designation recognized both in US and Canada.

Sounds good to me
I do know being one of the 3% seemed to me to be one of the best moves we made .

Thus my comment…

I agree, Nick’s “phrase” is basically a lie.

Seems to happen a lot around here lately.:frowning:

You forgot the word earned!
So Nick said those who wanted to join** earned** the position. Yes there may be many others that are way past 3 years but can they prove they earned that position.
Very strict as you must also provide a Police background check whenever asked. You must also prove you have went to an approved School and submit this info to the board as of 2013. Not going to happen for some, thus the small percentage provided.

Those are basic requirements in most, if not all, licensed states, before even One inspection has been performed. So in my home state, Illinois, there are thousands that have went through this “strict requirement” and also more than a thousand that have been in business for at least 3 years. According to Nick there are only 14 CMI’s in Illinois, the 5th most populous state.

Again (I think I’ve explained this over 1,000 times)… consumers don’t research all the different requirements for each jurisdiction and try to compare them to the pre-licensing requirements for each state and then compare those to the qualifications of the inspectors they are considering and then compare those to the requirements of each professional designation they have earned and then create a chart to figure out which…bla, bla, bla. You really are talking irrationally to those of us who have a grip on marketing. Your posts read like kindergarten babble to us. I don’t mean to offend you, but you really do sound silly to us. I’m sure there have been times in your life when you heard someone talking stupid and couldn’t figure out a sensitive way inform them they didn’t have a clue about what they were going on and on about. This is one of those times for me. I’m not trying to provoke you, but you really don’t know what you are talking about.

Consumers decide about an inspector in 5 to 15 seconds. Closer to 5 seconds. That’s why the inspection industry’s highest professional designation “CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTOR” works so well. Those three little words do the job in about 2 seconds, with 3 seconds to spare.

If that is the truth, then why don’t you tell the truth…?

That may be and you’re entitled to your opinion. But that still doesn’t make this statement correct. The word “earn” associated with “top 3% of All home inspectors” is very misleading.

“Only the top 3% of all home inspectors earn the Certified Master Inspector professional designation.”

And those thousand that you talk about may or may not earn the CMI. Statement is correct that there is more than 3 years needed as we have gone through so many times.
Lets add a bit to this and do calculations based on the 3% Any one here ready to figure that out?