Stats Question For Nick or Chris

Hey guys, do you happen to know approx. how many Home Inspectors there are in the world?

Also curious how many CMI’s are there currently?

Thanks, I think this info could be used as a great Marketing tool.


About 400 CMIs in the world, but I actually haven’t counted them.

It is difficult to know how many home inspectors there are in the world as InterNACHI has only begun introducing the industry to many countries. Growing fastest in Mexico, South Africa, China and Australia.

Thanks Nick. If you were to take a “Guesstimate” on the number of home inspectors worldwide, what would you guess?


If you don’t count members of the RICS, I’d put it at around 55,000.

I can remember when we only envisioned the Future…
Nick had HIGH and UNREASONABLE Expectations… (according to detractors) back then…
Amazing what NACHI has become…

Very nice, was right around what I was figuring.

Thanks Nick



Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. One of our friendly competitors in England. We regularly help each other out and share ideas about our organizations.

Jolly good ol boy.

Just over 1500 in IL

Guys, obviously the reason I asked for this info is for marketing purposes.
Do you realize the Power it can have when you are pitching yourself to clients or agents or anyone. Besides all the stuff you say now, when you toss in the fact that there are approx. 55,000 home inspectors world wide and only approx. 400 “Board Certified Master Inspectors” and you are one of them. Man that can be nothing but a good thing. Better than just about anything else.:slight_smile:

Some people on the board may disagree and come up with all this negative crap about it for whatever there reasons, but forget all that. If you are a CMI use it to your advantage, it it a really good Credential.


What rock have you been under Nick has been shouting to the roof tops that this is a marketing tool for years. Some need to market in that light others do not its simply a choice. I personally would rather spend my marketing money on the next generation IR Camera;-)

Correct. Actually, the main purpose of all professional designations is marketing. CMI is to inspectors as CPA is to accountants.

I would agree with that CMI is marketing the inspector.

My thermal image of a excessively hot electrical connection in a home owners panel or a thermal image of a leaking shower pan relates more to buyers as to what I can perform its something they can see and understand. They understand leaking and they understand hot and they understand I found it with that funny camera.

Its kinda hard to see CMI in a report :p;-) I’ll take my next generation IR camera anyday

It’s kind of hard to see the report you generated for me, if I haven’t hired you. :p;-) Marketing is important too. One of the best ways to command higher fees is to get to a point where you are turning down work. If you aren’t at that point yet… keep marketing.

Charley, Like I said in my post above it’s a tool to use with all the other stuff you tell your clients, when you tell people all of the great things that you do and all about your IR skills and then add to that the fact that you are a board certified master inspector ban hook line and sinker, you get the job, and your competition doesn’t.


It’s such a killer too. 3 little words say more than the entire industry’s marketing combined.

That is the problem within its self your telling and I am showing your telling a potiental client as a complete stranger, does he believe you sometimes maybe.

I’m showing what becomes a past client who tells all his house buying friends what I did for him and its instant belief because it was coming from a friend not a stranger. That friend tells a friend that tells a friend that tells a friend and I end up with a client base that just never ends.

Ya missed the boat my fine feathered friend I’m not marketing to potiental clients I market to clients that have already hired me. The sole entent of my report is to protect my client from money pits and to ensure that he/or she promotes me to their house buying friends. I do it very well with reports embedded with IR images of legitimate problems located within every home I inspect.

Like stated before some Need CMI for marketing some don’t I happen to be on the don’t side

Its not like a dog and pony show its just show and tell. ya keep telling and I keep showing they say a pic is worth a thousand words in my case a pic is worth a thousand clients WOW

That’s a winning strategy for commercial inspections. For residential, your clients may be great for referrals, but aren’t likely to buy another home for a while.