Fill-able Wind Mitigation Form

Hello Inspectors!

InterNACHI is pleased to announce that the Wind Mitigation Form in the How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections Course is now a fill-able PDF. You can download the PDF form directly from the course or you may download the form here:
Wind Mitigation Form Fillable.pdf (425.8 KB)

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Thank you!


There are no pages for the photos…

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Not sure the check boxes are configured correctly either.

The form has been updated with more checkboxes for the Y fields that existed before.

Regarding pages for photos: This fill-able form is just for the OIR-B1-1802. Any photos that you need to include should be added in a separate file or attached to this when you complete it.

Thank you!

The form requires photos to be attached, they aren’t optional. Most fillable 1802 PDF’s have a photo section of some sort (just an FYI).