New PDF Fillable Wind Mitigation Form 5-12

The new as of 5-12 fillable PDF Wind Mitigation Form is available at

for that kind of $$$ I would have expected some radio buttons and photo pages:D

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

The Form includes picturepages and dropdowns and radio buttons:D

I based my opinion from the posted “sample”

A complete description of the package is on the homepage. It includes the Wind Mit, Pictures Page, 4 Point Form now with prefilled dropdowns, Roof Condition Report and more.

how many picture pages are on each type of report.?
wind mit , four point, and roof cert.

Special price for InterNACHI members:

These forms are always free to InterNACHI members:

InterNACHI 4-Point
Mold Waiver
Radon Waiver
Inspection Workflow Checklist
InterNACHI Agreement
InterNACHI Release and Hold Harmless

The picture page can be duplicated as many times as needed.