New FL OIR 1802 Form and Memorandum - Jan 2012

We have the new FL OIR 1802 Form (PDF and MS Word) and Informational Memorandum available for download in InterNACHI’s free online “How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections” course -

Hey Ben, if we took a previous course when the new course comes out will we get additional continuing education due to the fact it will be totally new?

When will the new course be out?

I want to be the first to take and pass that one like I did with the first one :slight_smile:

I believe the existing course stands well as is; updates reflecting the new form are coming soon. The beauty of InterNACHI education is that it’s never static - it’s always getting better because the membership makes it so.

You might want to fix the pdf version as when you converted it from word, all of the check boxes got messed up. Ask how I know?:mrgreen:

Why is there a seperate link to a citizens Wind mit? there is no such animal

The pdf version also cleaned up the #3-C trailing edge and put it back on the same page. That always bugged me. Why couldn’t OIR do that?

Yeah, what’s with the little euro signs?

Going from Word to the pdf conversion program, Livecycle in my case, there is no symbol substitution for the check boxes and that is why you get the euro signs.

Here is a pdf of the word version.

There is a set of fillable PDF Wind Mit and other Citizens forms available at :

Why would anyone want a copy of the original? :mrgreen:


I’ve noticed the class and field worksheet:

—still addresses “predominant” roof covering while the 01/12 OIR form has removed the word,

—still includes wall construction and gable end bracing while the 01/12 OIR has removed these issues,

—still refers to flat roofing as sq. footage of coverage area while the 01/12 OIR has now determined all measurements shall be linear and NO flat roof designation unless a structure has 5 units or more,

—it appears that the worksheet and class have incorporated the newest 1802 (01/12) with the language of the current (02/10) 1802, any insight into these situations?

The class has not been updated for the 2012 form. The form is only out two weeks and is not is use yet.