Hurricane glass block

Has anyone seen this and how to positively I.D.?

Copy of the NOA and recipt showing someone installed it would work for me.

If you came across it and NEED to verify call the company they may be able to tell you how to verify once on site. seeing they are panels you would think a corner block or something would be marked like MOST windows? Let us know what you find out.

ok, yeah was just concerned in case the homeowner did not have any documentation especially on new construction when you do a shutter cert for policy credit. I doubt it is marked anywhere on it. New construction is picking up in some areas and having more of these shutter verifications. Thanks Mike

Anytime :slight_smile:

You would have to go back to the plans to verify what was used. Then supply the NOA numbers and hope that works. It says it is rated according to tas 201,202, and 203, so wouldn’t that be equivalent to a hurricane rated window?
AKA, glazed opening protected?

Getting around to studying it more soon.

It is nice to know and document if you can, but

Outside the HVHZ glass block is not required to be impact rated or covered for the 1802 form. You should list it but note it as “not required”.

John is all over this; not required outside the HVHZ, But for general knowledge the system referenced in the original post is easy too identify in that the joints are required to be filled with silicone as opposed to traditional white mortar

You are correct Mark. Here is a good article on a particular brand product used this way…