Filming 3 NACHI.TV Episodes Firday

:shock: Going to Colorado tomorrow.

Friday we’re doing 3 episodes!

  1. An Search Engine Optimization (SEO) episode for all of you!
  2. An introduction to Home Inspector Pro’s new inspection website service
  3. A mock inspection using Home Inspector Pro staring Russ Spriggs, Nick & myself.

Going to be a busy day!!!

Anything in particular you guys want to see, or think should be covered in any of these episodes, post it here!

Wow, just realized I typed Friday too fast and spelled it wrong, and I can’t edit the subject!

Naked women.

Yeah, I am with James.
Sorry hun, ouch …

Ha ha ha. I don’t think the NACHI staff would be up for that. Plus, how would you possibly be able to pay attention to all the important things I was saying? :smiley: Even asking would probably ensure that I get hit in the head with a coconut rather than catching it this time.

What could ever be more important than the **naked **truth ??? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

For those looking to get their first website, or, to expand their web presence, how about some info on the facts and myths of domain names? I.e… I am looking at purchasing a couple additional domain names. Now, this may seem like a very basic question, but I can’t find a straight answer to it. Is it necessary to acquire the plural of a domain name? Example… and ???

As always, I appreciate all of your help with my computer and SEO needs !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah I figured I’d go over naming your domain. Getting both sites will only help you if you have 2 different sites on each or you want to keep competition from getting the other one. It has no SEO value if you only have one site. Search engines also ignore plural vs singular.

Welcome to the NACHI MB!!!

Seriously, I’m looking forward to this return to Colorado, where it all began for me . . .

Hi Dom, looking forward to seeing/hearing you.

Can you address “what strategies to take” if there are “many errors”
on a website checkup,
when using sites such as](,](, and]( ?

Ya Fix them! That’s probably a little broad of a question to address. But pointing out to make sure that the sites pass validation is a good issue. Validation is someone you really just have to sit down with and slowly work through the error you receive.

Just received this e-mail… slightly off topic, but still SEO related… (and no, I’m not taking them up on their offer)…

It’s called Link Farming and actually hurts your ranking more than helps it.