NACHI.TV Training Video

Nick and I are planning to shoot a 1.5 hour NACHI.TV episode about the Home Inspector Pro inspection software. The show will include showing how easy it is to use the software and customize it to fit your needs. We will also do a mock inspection on a house with an inspector who will be using the program for the first time. Nick even offered to use his own house for this educational demonstration. Hopefully I won’t get hit by any falling coconuts!

We have also discussed me coming on and doing a few SEO videos for inspectors on how to improve the search engine rankings of your websites. I’m looking forward to both!

If you need any help let me know. My wife is a certified SEO consultant.

Wow, thanks for the offer. I’ll probably write up a short outline of what I’ll do before hand so I’ld be happy to send it to her to comment on before hand. I’ve been designing websites for 15 years so I have a good idea of what’s good, but another pair of eyes is always helpful.

No problem. Her niche is keyword optimization and effective link building. She has worked with sites that have a Google PR of 7 that forbid link exchanges. I’m sure you know who some of those biggies are too. :wink:

Very cool. I’m excited to be doing these videos. The video that came out on Friday has kept me so busy I’ve answered the phones from 6am PST to after midnight last night, and since 6am this morning and still answering calls now. Usually Saturday and Sunday everyone’s off having fun and the sites pretty slow. Traffic has been over over 1000% today. The SEO videos will be fun as I taught computer classes at a high school from 18 to 25 and enjoy teaching. Plus they are a cool way to give back to the inspectors and NACHI for letting me do the promo on my software.