Episode 58 - Home Inspection Training

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NACHI.TV just released a new episode:

Episode 58 - Home Inspection Training
NACHI.TV’s Ben Gromicko reviews a home inspection he performed. Several material defects were discovered during the inspection. Over 300 digital pictures were taken at the inspection. Narratives and disclaimers from the actual inspection report are shared.

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I’ll say it again this video should be mandatory before one becomes a “certified” home inspector here at NACHI. Great job Ben.

Great job Ben, watch part of this video and will return soon to complete . . . recommend to everyone to watch if nothing more than for a great review and tips.

Any way to get a hard copy of the disclaimers used on your reports? I need to add a few of my own.

That was a Great video! I agree with Bill and that it should be mandatory viewing along with episode 57 for membership in to NACHI. Question though, was the opening theme music suppose to play 6 times? Or was that just an error?
Again great job Ben!

Just finished watching the video. I must say another quality training video by NACHI TV.
Thanks Ben for all the great tips, I will definitely start applying them to my home inspections.

Great job with the video! Should definitely be viewed to be a certified Nachi Inspector

Joe D’Angelo

I am having difficulty viewing this episode for some reason. I can watch others with no problems. This one for some reason starts the intro and a bit into the episode, then it quits. Anyone else having this problem? Do I need to install something because it’s HD? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Let it sit and load. It’s a trade off. Those with lower speed connections have to wait, but then everyone gets to watch in HD.

I’ve waited and waited. I’ve then waited some more. I really think it’s something else. How long do you usually have to wait? I let it go all night, and still nothing. Like I said, it starts out fine, then just shuts off. No other episode has had this problem. Anybody watched it recently?

Thank you, sir. Honored. It was actually Val doing the camera. We did it in one take, she pushed “record” and I just went for it. No preparation really. I’d like to do another one again soon.

Many inspectors have requested a copy of the inspection report that I went over in the training video. Just email me.

(Joshua, I’m helping you via email right now.)

To everyone else:
For the future, if you ever have any technical problems with NACHI.TV, or if you have any questions or requests about online education in relation to InterNACHI or NACHI.TV, please feel free to contact me at ben@nachi.tv or call my cell phone (303)862-2611 (email is better).

I am unable to attend to servicing your needs by searching threads on the message board.

Thank you.

Have you all checked out my recent project? www.nachi.org/now I’ve included this type of book with my inspection report for years. It’s really worked as a marketing tool to distinguish my services from my friendly competition, it helps sets my client’s perspective towards what their responsibilities are now, and it adds value to the report.

First 30 pages of the book. Table of contents. Bonus deal.

Saw your flick Ben. I gained a few pointers from it.
Good Job!

Thank you, sir. Valerie was on camera. We did training video in one take, she pushed “record” and I just went for it. I took almost 400 pictures at the inspection.

Many inspectors have requested a copy of the inspection report that I reviewed in the training video.
To get a copy of the report**, email me ben@nachi.tv, and write in the subject line “copy of report.”

I checked out a couple of your videos. Great Information! I am very interested in getting into infrared home inspections in the future. Can I buy just one of these books? I am not a liciensed home inspector yet but am working on it. It appears that this book has some interesting information for good marketing.

Ben, great job with the inspection video, there were many good ideas that you shared. Also thanks for sending a sample report on the same house. I have the same reporting software as you and my reports are very similiar. I do like the way you personalized it. I am convinced though that this software program just creates large reports compared to others I have seen, but very thorough. I am curious how long does it take you to do a report like this?

It took me 3 hours on average to inspect and print a summary at the end of the inspection. If I had time (and my client wanted to sit and wait) I would compile the entire report and print it out on-site in another 30 minutes.

I then got smart, and started to print only the summary at the inspection. I went home early that way. And at night, I would log onto the office main computer from home (we had an actual office :slight_smile: ) using https://www.gotomypc.com/ software.

The longest, most difficult part of compiling the report was inserting pictures in the appropriate area.

Now, Dominic from Home Inspector Pro has software that can load 300 pictures and resize them down, all in a few seconds. I left InspectVue, and now I’m a new customer of his, and I’m learning right now http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/

I’d be interested to know what you think about Homeinspectorpro software and the kinds of reports that are being produced. I have a website hosted with Dominic and I believe that his customer service with home inspectors has been exceptional in so many ways. I looked at the sample posts with HIP and in my opinion, they just lacked the punch that InspectVue delivers. Then again I liked the 25-35 page reports instead of the 50-60 page reports with InspectVue. I haven’t had the time to evaluate his software but I am interested so let me know what you think.
Gerald Wilcox

How good it looks is up to the inspector, that’s what’s so great about the flexibility. Check out http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/inspector-forum/Template-Design-&amp-Sample-Inspection-Reports/847-NOVAhi-new-SAMPLE-REPORT-Residential/ for a recent report that was uploaded to our site that I think looks great. There’s a ton of other reports and templates our users have shared on the message board. Some guys like short and sweet, some like narrative. It’s up to you!

I used InspectVue for years. I’m now a Hippie. There are no limitations to in HIP. Customer support is superior. Price is right. HIP has a great future. I read a really great book which had, “Put off the old, and put on the new.”