Find the issue, Then find the Problem.

Just wanted to share.

Here in Florida that is an easy one. Replace the box, as most insurance companies will not insure fuses. That aside, looks like double taps with copper aluminum together.

Did you check under the fuses for pennies? :wink:

Not any match fuse and double taps. Regardless it still needs upgraded to breaker box.
You also might have single strand aluminum under the double tap which is even worse. It looks to dull to be tinned copper. Quite a heavy insulation for that 20 Amp feeder.


What do you have against fuses?

Are they outlawed in Canada?

With the correct size in use they are just as safe as CB.

I doubt any fuse system can Meet the demands I a modern family.

Caution - are “we” suggesting personal opinion or “factual information”?

Personal Opinion as I do not agree with ESA on this matter. Fuses have caused
many fires and the result is death. If they had designed the fuse box correctly then you would not be able to install a 30 amp in a 15 amp socket. The average home owner has no clue as to the dangers of doing this. Will you blow a 30 amp fuse when running a hair dryer? You will melt the plug and cause a fire in the wall first before blowing the fuse.
ESA can cram anything up your arse if it fits into not scaring the public.

Not true.

How many have you seen?

An oversized breaker can be installed in a panel too. Does ESA think breakers are unsafe?

Maybe you should consider it your job to explain the dangers and the proper use of a fuse panel before hitting the REPLACE button.:roll:

You might also consider a simple statement in you report such as: Fuse panel may not be sufficient to meet the needs of the typical modern family. consult with a qualified electrician for options to improve usability.

Jim a normal home owner will not change a breaker but a normal home owner will change a blown fuse with anything he can find in the house. Even the well designed Copper penny on the back of a blown fuse.
Let me ask you this. When they made the fuse box did they take this into consideration as a means of protecting the stupid people?