Find your problems before you see them???

Had two inspects yesterday one a slab on grade and one a crawl space both had leaking A-coil pans.

On the crawl space I knew that there were A/C problems before I ever enter the crawl. While making the tour of the exterior foundation I noticed a very small amount of condensate being discharged from the external condensate drain line and yesterday was a very high humidity day and there should have been a large volume of water being discharged also while passing the foundation vents I noticed cooler air discharging from the vents. My foundation tour told me two things Charley you need to pay attention to the A-coil pan and you need to look for duct separation in the crawl.

I found both problems when I entered the crawl space the Supply plenum had water dripping out of the bottom and the sub-flooring was all wet Also found a 8 inch supply duct separated discharging into the crawl.

Point being know your red flags as they can guide you in the right direction in detecting problems.

Knowing that I had crawl space problems that were obvious to me from external to the foundation I had to make the decision to enter the crawl space which had raw fecal in front of the crawl hole. Would you have entered or deferred it???

Are you defining raw in minutes or hours, was it still steaming?:smiley:

Minutes still steaming just took my Doc Martins and duck walked right through it; did not have to go face down you did not give me an answer??? would you or would you not??? I want to see what you are made of.:smiley: :smiley: