Finding bats in homes

I could use some assistance with methods of finding bats in homes using IR or not. I know that bats a capable of regulating their body temperature to ambient within certain parameters.

Any help is appreciated.

IR Would work in the attic area as they are exposed. but other areas of the home you need to be looking at every inch. roof overhangs, soffits or holes in the siding very small areas. Look for dark areas on the boards that may be an access point. look for dropping’s around the home.



The wikipedia on them is actually very interesting. And it comes with an IR image! I guess while sleeping they trap air for insulation.

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Thanks, guys.

I am aware of imaging in attics where exposed and looking for droppings but trapping air is something to check out more.

I appreciate it.

I may have a perfect application for searching for bats, Got a friend with bats, and I have IR, have to look into this.

The other information is that the home is all catherdral ceilings so I won’t be able to image them directly.

If there is an chimney on an outside wall, that is a place to check. That is a popular hang-out in batland. :stuck_out_tongue:

Check any vertical slot 3/4" wide or more and over 15’ above ground.

You might want to schedule for an inspection at dusk, when they come out.