Finding someone to do my ride alongs with

I am a new inspector located in the town of Roanoke, Virginia. I think the area has a dozen or fewer inspectors. My question is how do I find someone to do my ride along inspections with?
Also, I was wondering: When I do the ride-alongs, do I pay the inspector who rides along with me? Do we split the pay?
I’d really appreciate any information on the subject.

I just found your email to me.
Considering an inspector is helping you out, don’t expect them to share the inspection fee. Some may charge a fee for you riding along.
Nobody likes to train their competition. You will have to search further out of your area to find someone. May mean driving an hour or several to get your inspections in.

Hello Greg,
So with the ride-alongs, will I be performing the inspection or will the other inspector be doing the inspection? Should I post an offering to pay inspectors to do ride alongs?


The process varies by inspector. The state says you have to perform 25 inspections. Generally, the first few with me is more watching, listening, learning. After that I expect more involvement and report writing. You could offer to pay someone. No idea what a good fee would be.