Virginia ride along requirements

Hello I live in Richmond VA, just finished online and classroom courses and am looking for certified inspectors to ride along with to fulfill my requirement. Does anyone have any information on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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First, welcome to our forum! There are no stupid questions. So, enjoy! :smile:

Jason, you may want to call inspectors and ask if you can do a ride along with them.
Sometimes, calling 40 to 50 miles away inspectors are less likely to feel “that the are training their competition”, sad but true.

Good luck.

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I don’t believe there’s any requirements on my part. I have an inspection this Thursday and I’m looking for a Ride Along. 3/2 with pool.

Thanks for responding Larry!

You’re welcome, Jason!

I’m looking for the same as the OP here. I’m in Hopewell, VA. I’m willing to drive if necessary to get the inspections in. Just passed my test on Monday! Thanks to all who post here. Tons of info…much appreciated.


Welcome to our forum, Michael! Enjoy! :smile:

Also, contact some CMIs indoor 50 mile radius and talk to them: Find a Certified Master Inspector®

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Thank you. Doing so now, sir. I’m kinda double tapping here by going through the forums.

You’re welcome, Michael!

And please use Larry, if you want to. :smile:

Michael if you don’t mind letting me know what you find out I’d appreciate it! I’m meeting with a local inspector tomorrow to see what he has to say. Honestly I’ve been having quite a bit of trouble moving along with the ride along requirement.

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Any luck in this arena?

I found out that Quality Home Inspections does a training/ ride along program for around $60 an inspection but they are in Newport News I believe.

Other than that have talked with a few Richmond inspectors, they are thinking about letting me shadow them.

It is not easy figuring this out!

Here is another link to contact InterNACHI inspectors:

Hope this helps.

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