Finished garage??

This lovely attached 3 car garage was a 2 car attached with a living space being used in the 1 car garage. Or I should say a 1 car being used as a living space.

This was the same guy that cut the trusses to install a pull down ladder.

I am glad my client was going to turn it back into a garage.

First time I have seen this.

I would think the local authorities would love this set up.

Maybe I will turn my garage into a family room. Thus way I can drive my tractor right into the kitchen. :shock:

126408 002 (Small).jpg

With the garage vehilce door still functional it is a 1-car garge with flammible material on the floor. Recommend immiedate removal as the current condition is a fire hazard.

This would be a great place for Brian Kelly to park his bike…two nice soft couches to land on …no matter which way it falls He’s covered…:mrgreen:

In a college town like Columbia, garages are frequently uses as a third or fourth bedroom. Or they are covered in plastic, and used as a indor/outdoor party room. Just hose it out when everyone leaves

It is perfect for a guy with a bike, but I would put nerf bars up around the furniture. :p:cool:

It lacks a refrigerator and TV.

That would be perfect for my FJR 1300…my wife gets mad when I bring it over the hardwoods.

Obviously you have never been to south florida. Over half the garages here have been turned into rooms, most without any permits, or electrical added.