Fire extinguisher

How many of you carry a fire extinguisher? I did not and one of the homes i inspected today started on fire. If you don’t. Learn from my stupidity and get one for your truck. putting out a fire with a rag and your hands is no fun.

Good point… what happened? to expand on the stupidity part? :wink: …or was that just not having the extinguisher?

I started carrying a large extinguisher years ago. It just occurred to me one day that I did not have any kind of plan in place should I find myself with a fire. I posted something on the board long ago but it is good to remind folks they need to have a plan and the tools to implement it. I use one that is good for all kinds of fire and is non corrosive.

The home owner repaired a light switch just as we arrived. When i turned on the switch to test the light it blue and fried the wiring and started the wall on fire. breaker never did trip. i will have extinguishers tomorrow.

One of the “tools” I purchased for my kit before I ever started inspecting.

Too many unknowns in every house to not be without one.

When I first got my drivers license at 16 that was the first thing I went out and bought along with a rode hazard kit and a tool set for in the car. I also bought them for each of my parrents vehicles too.

Be sure to check them at least once a year! I like to check them once a month. Don’t just look at the gauge… Make sure you tap the gauge to make sure the needle isn’t sticking!

That is my gift to friends, family, etc. when they get their first car and drivers license. Along with a short lessen on how to use everything in the kit I give them. All my nieces and children have to do their first oil change on their car with my supervision also. Then I tell them next time go have someone else do the rest, it’s cheaper than doing it yourself. This way they have an idea how much work & costs are involved. They have all thanked me when it came to other repairs, they don’t let a mechanic get the better of them. They get a lesson about what is involved in repairing most systems of the vehicle.

Sorry, I rambled on!

It’s also good to have for all the people who are ignorant enough to climb back into their cars and sit while pumping gas. One may need you to put out the flames caused by the static electricity igniting the fumes.

Excellent point. Everyone should carry a fire extinguisher in their vehicle.

I sure wish I had one for my past incident.

Wow!:shock: :frowning:

I guess I’m one of the ignorant ones…not only do I get in my car, but I leave it running in the winter when it is -10…

If you get back into your car while pumping gas ( leave the latch on ), there are many stories out there about the static charge igniting the fumes and then the flame traveling into the tank of the car, or the other way back up to the pump, causing a massive explosion.

Very dangerous.

I don’t charge anything in my truck but my phone while driving. Something always made me feel real umcomfortable about doing it. I have a few of those lights and they are basically a POS and don’t hold a charge worth a flip. Doubt they would get much of a charge from the truck anyway. Dave, glad to hear it wasn’t a total loss for you. What did the insurance company ever find out?

The flashlight manufacturer (Vector) paid every dime of my loss.


It will not happen the way you stated it and if you are spending too much time on the Internet with people that don’t know what is going on - go to your local college and pray that they have some courses on basic electricity.

There is no problem getting into the car.

There is no problem leaving the hose on the latch - That is what it is there for

There is no problem getting back in your car or cleaning your windshield

Trust me if you light your lighter on the fumes coming out of the fill vent your car will not blow up. You might have a little moment of flame but trust me everyone will live. Just not enough O2 in the tank to get things off the ground.

Yes, one cup (8 oz) of gas is equal to one stick of TNT, but one has to work to get everything just right to get the big bang.

If you want to see a spark, try to refuel a chopper after it lands on a ship without hooking up the ground wire first after it first lands. Cars just don’t count. If they did we would have to drag a chain like old gas trucks did. Don’t see them anymore do you

Laws of physic do not change, but urban legends do

Yes, one is a total A$$ if one does not follow basic safety. Do not have unproted sex and do not smoke while filling your gas tank. Also high speed, drinking and driving is not good for ones health. And motor cycles do not have air bags or seat belts.




If you were them would you say it was your fault for not reading the instructions or theirs from a design point of view?

We all know that charging batteries has a risk and must be controlled or monitored

If the mfg say 3 hrs and do not leave unattended then that is the name of the game

IMO any mfg that builds a product that is not “user proof” with out reading the instructions should be sued. Putting a statement in the back of a user manual that requires a translator and a set of new glasses does not count. Build the product right to start with


Motorcycles (some) do have air bags…

I don’t read instructions for a simple flashlight.

Any average flashlight owner is not going to sit there and watch a flashlight charge up.

Also, It was very easy to file this claim. They simply wanted pictures, insurance claim information, and place of purchase. My check was in the mail in less than a week.