Fireplace glass doors

Does an electrically activated fake gas log fireplace require the glass doors in front of it? It has the wire curtain.

Mike in Southern California


Was it a wood burning fireplace
Converted to gas? Was there a mechanical device to keep the damper open?

Gas logs probably shouldn’t have glass doors at all unless the doors were designed specifically for the logs, or at least they would need to be opened for the fire.

And since you’d have to walk over and open the doors, why even have the electronic control function?

Your reasoning please.

Since the damper is required to be open at all times when gas logs are installed in a fireplace, the only way to try and stop the conditioned air from going up the chimney is to have glass doors installed.

The reason I ask about glass doors on a fireplace is because in Southern Cal where fireplaces aren’t even needed, they are often put in by builders because homebuyers like them for the ambience factor. This one, like most, is an insert type. (forget about the flue damper, it doesn’t have one but that’s not my issue). Real wood can be burned in these but most people just use fake logs which have a natural gas ‘log lighter’ below the fake logs. There is usually a gas valve and one uses a match or Bic lighter to start the flame. This one, and I have seen many like this one, has an electric switch on the wall that ignites it similar to a gas stove. These types of fireplaces, in my experience, almost always have bi-fold glass doors in front of them. I would think that this glass door protection would add a measure of safety from anybody or anything, coming into contact with the flame. But my question is: Is the glass door REQUIRED?