Fireplace question

Client would like to know where and what type manufactured log he can buy.
I was not confidant about this one as the plate seems to indicate it can use solid fuel also .
The chimney is a metal flue and the place is only 5 years old however this brand name is DESA which went out of business a few years back.
How should I follow up ?
Here is a picture as it has a log lighter and gas burner but must be hand lit.
The volume of gas sounded like a jet so I did not want to light this one as I usually do but am used to the pilot light and sparker deals like on a vent less and this one was full of air .No lighter handy either.(OK I got Pansy)

Also there is a small flip switch near bottom of the grill but the grill is sealed so I do not know what it does.(yes tried it).

Model number is B42L1-Middle and burner says Heatmaster.


Advise him to check with the manufacturer. The wrong combination creates high levels of CO.

JB you need to read my post.
I said out of business and I do not need to post to pass the buck.:slight_smile:
Can do that without the forum.

could just be me Bob, but that looks like a gas lighter for a wood burning fireplace…
You turn it off when the wood logs get going…It could probably be replaced with a vented gas log set and a full glass door but I would probably reccomend they take all available information to the local fireplace shop for best reccomendations…

Yeah that is what i planned on doing.(lost that card around here) but was hoping someone might know more about the logs.Thanks though.
Thanks to you to JB but I hate the old pass the buck stuff.

Do you do your own engineering certifications as well? I pass that buck off to engineers.

On matters that could result in the death of my client…such as your inquiry…I don’t rely on message board posts and I don’t give answers that I am not absolutely sure of. Instead, I refer my client to a reliable resource.

In this case, I would suggest to my client that they inquire with the manufacturer of whatever log they decide or consider to buy as to its compatability with their gas fireplace system.

I was hoping someone might know off the model number however that may have been asking to much.

I get my firewood from the local landscaping place. Already split, throw about a half gallon of gas on it, stand back and flick a match on it and PPOOOOFFF!!! Good to go. Why recommend a fake log???

The mess.
That flue looks pretty ,like one of those light tubes.
Just want to give the guy an alternative.

I will get you some advice tomorrow BOB. If not remind me.
I will ask my friend or go down the street to a fire place specialist. I know them.

I gave my client the place to go but was hoping for a little insight.
I have no idea what the flip switch (hard to see) in the photo is for.
@ types of logs , for vented and vent-less.
Sometimes a switch will open a blower to circulate heat. The lovers on the top will blow warm air into the room. ( not all models ).
That’s all for now BOB. I hope the link helps.
42 inch model.
This manufacture is prolific when it comes to making fire place inserts and wood stoves.
Will try to get more.

Here is a little more BOB.
FMI will be your closest reliable source for information on this type of insert or gas propane fire place.
To open the venting and ignition process.
There are several videos that well help you understand these units a little better.
To open or operate these type of fire places, you must know what you are doing BOB. They can be dangerous and have undesired consequences if handled wrong.
Gas Flash, co2 buildup, any leaking should be looked fore and a safety run through prier to ignition is you best bet.
So video’s for you.