Flexible appliance connector in fireplace?

What do you think about a flexible appliance connector for a gas log lighter in a wood burning fireplace? I don’t think it should be there, but couldn’t find anything definitive.


Page 6


Thanks Jeffrey, but that is for a gas log set. There were no gas logs in this fireplace. This is what I came up with “Flexible appliance connectors are not approved for use in the firebox of a wood-burning fireplace. The flex gas supply is approved for concrete log kits only. For wood log starter, a cast iron pipe is required. I recommend repair by a licensed plumbing contractor.”

I think you mean black iron, no?

Are you sure of what you have? Looks like you are missing the (concersion) gas log components. Scroll further past page 6 for more info. Note, this is only one manufacturer so yours may vary in exact design.

I did notice that, but without the logs it’s just a log lighter. And I did change it to black iron pipe. I picked that up when I was proofreading.

Was there a damper in the flue, and if so, was it locked off? That might affect my report from calling out for black pipe to noting “missing artificial gas logs”.

Conventional fireplace with damper.

It’s a remnant from a gas log set. I would simply document it as such. If they want a log lighter, they should remove what is there and install one hard piped. That faux log burner was not designed to be buried in hot coals, nor is that plastic coated flexible appliance connector. If they want gas logs, they should go ahead and install a kit, which will likely come with its own non-plastic coated flex connector. What’s there now is a throwaway.