firewall question

Does anyone know when 1hr firewall became code between garage and living area of the home?

It doesn’t matter to a home inspector.

It is recommended where it is not present no matter when the house is built.

But in TX I can’t mark it Deficient unless it violated code when it was built.

That’s not accurate Craig :). Write it up as deficient, just explain that it may have met construction standards when it was built (if that’s really what you think) but it does not now and you recommend it be repaired.

Good idea. I cover all the bases that way, point out the problem without “penalizing” anyone, and CMA.

Thanks for the diplomacy lesson.

Craig (preferred name)

“Although not required when originally built, you may wish to upgrade the (blank) to (blank) for safety reasons…”

Or a reasonable facsimile thereof… :smiley:

Craig…Here is what an inspector faces when he pretends to be a code expert.

Let’s say that the issue is electric and the requirement you are referring to was first required in the 2002 version of the NEC.

Can you say that, since the house was built in 2003, that the 2002 requirement would apply?

What if, in that particular jurisdiction, the 2002 NEC was not accepted by the municipality until 2008? I have a small town about 19 miles from me that still goes by the 2000 IRC.

Just because a particular item appeared in a code book on a particular date, it does not mean that in the jurisdiction that you are inspecting in, the requirement was put into effect on that particular date.


Your recommendation to your client is not contingent upon dates, code books or AHJs…but your knowledge of a safer or more structurally sound method.

Sure takes the stress out of the job ,when you do not need to puff out your chest and act authoritative.:slight_smile:

Actually it is one of the things you MUST report as deficient in TX, regardless of whether it was code at the time or not.

Stay out of hot water and stick to the SOP.

Thanks to you all for your help, and particularly you Chuck for reminding me where to look first.
Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees.

You still have no need for dates though , as safety has nothing to do with them.

lol…what I find funny is you ALWAYS use the electrical codes in your examples when making this point…just my observation…:wink: