Fireworks Damage, or?

This is a 3 year old asphalt shingle roof. This appears only on the front porch cover. The 2nd story of the home is clear and looks like a 3 yr old roof should.
So, if it is something like forworks is there any meaningful damage to the shingles? It appears that the mat isn’t affected and even the granules appear to be well adhered. What do you all think of this. Have you ever seen this condition 10 years down the road?

So, which childs bedroom is inside those windows? That will help narrow down the cause!

Maybe it’s for your curiosity, but frankly damaged shingles are damaged shingles.

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Bottle rocket wars between the kids in this house and the neighbor. Maybe even an occasional roman candle to make things interesting.

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Had a roof recently that had somewhat similar damage to the OP’s picture in similar area on the 1st story porch roof - and no damage to the 2nd story roof or elsewhere on the 1st story. Turns out it was from large lighted holiday decorations that the homeowners put out every year.