Minor Roofing Damage

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5308 West Puget 4-6-11 011.JPG

5308 West Puget 4-6-11 010.JPG

5308 West Puget 4-6-11 009.JPG

Ay, chihuahua !!!

A little Black-Jack will fix that… No problem

it’s that kind of nit-picky inspecting that has destroyed the housing market…
Deal Killer…

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Looks like fire ember damage.

Its a new style of shingle.
Like those cutup jeans you buy, same idea.
It gives your house that aged looked.
They sell at a premium.:shock:
Only draw back is you have to invest in mops and buckets.:eek:

Brian, There’s obviously delamination there from aging, but the spots… could that be the result of intense hail? The pattern is random and the blemishes are the right size.

Yep, and correct Kenton, Hail Damage on the Vacant House next to my Inspection. :smiley:

I don’t s’pose you have that photo in a higher resolution…

Nope. Lowest possible res I can take. :cool:

If I remember when I am out I will get one for you. :smiley:

You see some really great tile conditions, Brian!

I always shoot inspection photos in smaller size to make it easier to create the report and e-mail photos, but if you’re taking a course, it’s nice to see the image in full-screen so that you can really see the detail.

Kenton I think it is excessive heat that cased that spotting affect.
Look at where the nails would be placed. The dimpling is more obvious in that location of the shingles. Also it looks like an inferior asphalt composite shingle.It could have been the beginning or the end or a batch that was not tested or quality controlled. I will admit I have never seen delamination of that intensity or the chard characteristic in certain areas of the roof before.
I also see no roof venting and what looks to be aluminum soffet venting in the attic in #1 photo. The Number 2 photo tells you another story though. Wood soffet and fascia. I rarely see venting in wooden soffet. They cut undersized rectangular venting and cover with screen after the fact.

Heat probably caused the damage to the Turbine Vent as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never see hail damage like that in Montreal QC. Not that I can remember anyway.
Thanks Brian. Nice photos.

Did you advise them to call their insurance carrier to see about a roof replacement? :wink:

Man, I had to seriously look at it. I was thinking minor, what the heck! Then I saw the smiley faces. Good one!

This is shingle may repair any one who have interest.