First Electrical Panel with color coded breakers for this Inspector?

Is this a recall panel ? And would appreciate all the input I can get about this Sylvania panel .I’ve never seen one and is ok ? I do see some double taps and there is a bonding strap.But it looks over crowded as well .


Looks crowded. Nice Choice. How many tandems are allowed on a bus stab? Ask an electrician to do a load calculation, see what kind of look you get.
I don’t actually provide any useful information.

What Larry said.

And here’s more information:

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Thanks guys I thought it was zinsco but for some stupid reason I didn’t connect Sylvania with Zinsco …But I’m fairly new inspector and very eager to learn from all of you .I plan on being an inspector for a long time since I’m only 50 years old…Haha Love inspecting homes !! I was born to be an inspector

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Robert you will always be learning. I remember my first Sylvania/Zinsco panel. And I could have written your exact post ten years ago. (when I was a youngster at 50) I very seldom see them in most of the areas I inspect but usually only run into them in the outlying areas of the neighboring counties…Same with the Federal Pacific panels.