First Inspection

Ok, so how did your very first home inspection go? Were you nervous, confident

or a little of both. I think this is a question that a lot of new Inspectors would

like to ask. And I did search for previous post and came up 0. Thanks

Confident, and very honest. If you don’t know don’t blow smoke. Use your training and InterNACHI brothers and sisters. They may be brutal but the are here to help.

You’ll always remember it. Be confident but don’t BS. If you don’t know something, you’ll find out. And then come here for help.

Kind of like virginity, you always remember your first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Luckily, my first client was probably as nervous as I was. She was a young, single mom, sitting there holding her baby, not saying a word the whole time. The second is better, and by the third or fourth, you’ll seem like a seasoned pro.

I’m a talker, and always have been, which is extremely helpful. I had conducted training and trouble shooting schools, and also had played music on stage in a rock band, so I may not have been quite as nervous as others.

Believe me, it will get easier, and if you have adequate training and knowledge, that will bring confidence, and everything will fall right in place!

Good Luck!

I don’t have a clue what my first inspection was like but I know over time I have become a much better inspector than my early days.

I see more, understand more, communicate better to the client onsite and write a much better report.

I’m always a little nervous and always confident before every inspection, once I get going and talking you can’t stop me…

What made me nervous for my first inspection was the real estate agent being there I would guess he was roughly 60+ years old. I figured he has seen hundreds of other inspections and would judge the way I operate, I went into it confident with what my abilities are but nervous of critisizem, I was not sure if I would buckle when he called me out on something. He must have thought I was experienced because he respected my thoughts and opinions. So I would say I got very lucky with the attendance at my first inspection, and now that I have been through the procedure once I can make myself better for the next one.

As others have said.
I was lucky on my first 4 inspections as they were past remodel clients so that helped me a lot.

I’ll let you know after my first paid inspection tomorrow afternoon!!

So I just returned home from my first paid inspection! It felt like it went well, although a bit sweaty from nerves and the temperature. 2.5 hours and about 160 pictures on a 2800sq ft home built in 2004. No major issues, just a lot of deferred maintenance, and wear and tear items. At the two hour mark I got the " we need to get out of here pretty soon" from the agent. :roll: besides that not much interaction from the buyer or his agent. So I guess that’s ok! Next up some dinner and then sit down with HIP and crank out the report!!

I can’t remember that far back…I have CRS syndrome.

lol, at Roy’s age, his idea of “getting lucky”, is remembering what he went in the other room for!! :mrgreen:

Do not start out be letting the agent set the pace. You are the conductor of this orchestra, not the RE agent.

If it takes 1.5 hours, then so be it. If it takes 3.5 hours, then that’s okay, too.

Once you hand control over to the RE agent, you are no longer in control of what or how you do it. The agent is in a hurry, because he (or she) wants to go sell a house, not linger around during a home inspection. And, if they can hurry you along, maybe you will miss something that could have made your client either back out, or make it harder on the seller, which makes it harder for that agent to get to the closing table and get their $$.

Do it YOUR way, not theirs.

Good luck, and most important, HAVE FUN!! :smiley:

Michael that is what also had me worried on my first inspection his was the real estate agent going to rush me but he didn’t